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Phosphate in a sentence

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Sentence count:195Posted:2017-03-19Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: inorganic phosphateorthophosphateSimilar words: phosphorescentdysphasiabiospherehospicedysphagiathermosphereatmospherehospitalMeaning: ['fɑsfeɪt /'fɒs-]  n. 1. a salt of phosphoric acid 2. carbonated drink with fruit syrup and a little phosphoric acid. 
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1 The phosphate was deposited by the decay of marine microorganisms.
2 Magnesium reabsorption is impaired by phosphate depletion.
3 They are hemoglobin, serum protein, phosphate, and bicarbonate.
4 This inhibition was partly counteracted by increased dietary phosphate.
5 I was very surprised when, following a phosphate surge in my tapwater, I used a phosphate-removing compound in my filter.
6 Conversely, potassium and phosphate are the principal intracellular cations and anions, respectively.
7 Dietary phosphate did not interfere with these intestinal effects of calcium.
8 Addition of this phosphate group impairs the function of the essential protein, and viral protein synthesis fails to begin.
9 Obviously, careful monitoring of the serum phosphate level is appropriate.
10 These conformations influence the position of the phosphate group with respect to the grooves of the double helix.
11 As a control, sections were incubated with phosphate buffered saline instead of the primary monoclonal antibodies in the first step.
12 Intravenous phosphate has been recommended for lowering the serum calcium when other measures have failed.
13 A litre is claimed to remove phosphate from 100 gallons of water.
14 Therefore, to their inadequate intake of phosphate is added urinary loss from a secondary form of hyperparathyroidism.
15 So acyclovir phosphate and triphosphate are not formed in healthy cells, whose DNA synthesis is therefore not affected.
16 However,[] the mechanism of these protective effects as well as the proposed inhibitory effect of phosphate have hardly been studied invivo.
17 Consequently, the lytic activity of faecal water was decreased. Dietary phosphate did not interfere with these intestinal effects of calcium.
18 However, glucocorticoids are usually ineffective in the hypercalcemia of primary hyperparathyroidism, Phosphate also inhibits bone resorption.
19 In dialysis patients an additional factor is the removal of phosphate from the body by the dialysis procedure itself.
20 When cleaned, non-ferrous metals are best brought to a bright finish before priming with zinc chromate or zinc phosphate.
21 This inhibition is caused by the formation of insoluble precipitates of calcium, phosphate, and bile acid micelles.
22 In the latter circumstance, the antacid should simply be stopped for a period of time and the serum phosphate monitored.
23 Quantification of these interactions is essential for a proper discussion of the intestinal effects of dietary calcium and phosphate.
24 Preparation of the reservoir for endoscopy was performed with a phosphate enema 30 minutes before the examination.
25 Over the past decade many synthetic bone fillers have been made, almost all of which are calcium phosphate or carbonate-based ceramics.
26 More messages make them more active, and more likely to add phosphate to receptor molecules.
27 At the time of sacrifice, blood was obtained for measurement of serum calcium, phosphate, and albumin.
28 In contrast, the unconjugated, carboxylic, bile acids are easily precipitated by calcium phosphate.
29 So it is worthwhile finding cleaning materials that are phosphate free.
30 The repressor also recognizes sequence-dependent distortion or flexibility of the operator phosphate backbone, conferring specificity even for inaccessible base pairs.
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