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Parrot in a sentence

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Similar words: carrotgarrotesparrowarrowharrownarrowarrogantarroganceMeaning: ['pærət]  n. 1. usually brightly colored zygodactyl tropical birds with short hooked beaks and the ability to mimic sounds 2. a copycat who does not understand the words or acts being imitated. v. repeat mindlessly. 
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1. A parrot can sometimes make you embarrassed.
2. We recited poems parrot fashion.
3. Mary is as sick as a parrot about losing her watch.
4. He keeps a parrot in a birdcage in his living room.
5. Students become frustrated with learning verbs parrot fashion.
6. The parrot squawked and flew away.
7. This parrot is an amazing mimic.
8. She's inordinately fond of her parrot.
9. The bright plumage of a parrot made it beloved by people.
10. Many literary academics simply parrot a set of impressive-sounding phrases.
11. Generations of students have learnt to parrot the standard explanations.
12. He was sick as a parrot when his team lost the match.
13. The parrot gave me a sharp peck on the finger.
14. Out of 329 parrot species(Sentence dictionary), 30 now face extinction.
15. Peter Beardsley International Football As sick as a parrot.
16. Out of 329 parrot species, 30 face extinction.
17. No, no: the parrot, the parrot in gloves.
18. Stephenson the parrot guides the young user at every scene, helping the player by giving hints in a lighthearted manner.
19. Relative to its body size, the parrot has the biggest brain of all.
20. In through the open door came Marco's parrot, chirping merrily.
21. The parrot turned into an owl: Capshaw sagged back down into his chair.
22. John is really jealous of my new house — he's as sick as a parrot.
23. Under the old system pupils often had to stand to attention and repeat lessons parrot fashion.
24. It is not a writer's job to play the parrot.
25. He tried talking but the teachers wouldn't listen and thought he was repeating words like a parrot or just being cheeky.
26. Look for fresh sardines, tuna steaks and king prawns, or use some more exotic varieties such as parrot fish or snappers.
27. He was back on Monday, with a graze on one cheek and perky as a parrot.
28. A picture swirls on to the screen of a parrot out on the baseball field singing razor-blade songs.
29. For hours the magician swam around, with the normally chatty parrot perched silently on his shoulder.
30. He could hear his piping London voice with its parrot greetings and unfounded optimism.
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