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Obnoxious in a sentence

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Synonym: abominablecontemptibledeplorabledespicabledetestabledisagreeabledisgustingdreadfulhatefulloathsomenastyoffensiverepulsiveterriblevilewretchedSimilar words: noxiousanxiousvariousdubiouscuriousobviousenviousofficiousMeaning: [əb'nɑkʃəs /-'nɒk-]  adj. causing disapproval or protest. 
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1. These fires produce really obnoxious fumes and smoke.
2. He is the most obnoxious man I know.
3. The men at the bar were loud and obnoxious.
4. Although regularly pilloried by the press as an obnoxious loudmouth, he is, nonetheless, an effective politician.
5. My brother - in - law is an obnoxious know - it - all.
6. When she's in a bad mood she's obnoxious to everyone.
7. One of the parents was a most obnoxious character. No-one liked him.
8. This was particularly obnoxious to the truculent Arista.
9. And, and, oh, he was just obnoxious.
10. Eddie is an obnoxious, insecure creep.
11. He's just an obnoxious moron.
12. The more obnoxious I am, the more people enjoy the joke.
13. The stepmother: Crude, rude, and obnoxious, she married the father after his wife passed away.
14. They were more often obnoxious than not, impatient with me because my services had been essentially imposed upon them.
15. Mayall plays Fred, the obnoxious character summoned up by a mixed up young woman with hilarious and chaotic consequences.
16. And she had this really, really obnoxious look on her face.
17. The slime they exude is obnoxious and slippery, and has the stench of rotting fish.
18. I am obnoxious to each carping tongue.
19. He is an obnoxious hick.
20. Excision of an obnoxious passage was required.
20. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
21. Some of his colleagues say that he's loud and obnoxious.
22. The professor was a real Jekyll and Hyde - sometimes kind and charming, and at other times rude and obnoxious.
23. And that requires practitioners who value aggression, salty talk, an obnoxious demeanor, and rude behavior.
24. Now our elected representatives are learning firsthand how petty and obnoxious federal regulation can be.
25. I have been in restaurants where the human customers have been loud, rude and obnoxious.
26. A heavily padded bank account tends to muffle the most obnoxious burping.
27. It turns them on and gives them a free hand to be as obnoxious as they want.
28. Damien writhed in anger as he stood penned in the bus shelter like an animal, with this herd of obnoxious Cockneys.
29. The alarm shuts off only after several minutes of cycling through its repertoire of obnoxious sounds.
30. Once formed, the joints were internally sealed with pitch to prevent the escape of any obnoxious gases or liquids.
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