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Nitrogen fixation in a sentence

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Sentence count:21Posted:2017-03-01Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: nitrogenvexationrelaxationsubluxationprogenyconfiscationconfirmationinterrogationMeaning: n. the assimilation of atmospheric nitrogen by soil bacteria and its release for plant use on the death of the bacteria. 
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1. What are the prospects for nitrogen fixation in plants?
2. Dinitrogenase The enzyme that catalyzes NITROGEN FIXATION.
3. Nodule bacteria are very good at biological nitrogen fixation.
4. Mycorhizae perform the function of nitrogen fixation and storage.
5. Patterns of nitrogen fixation along 10 N in the tropical Atlantic.
6. Nitrogen fixation is carried out by the rhizobia in the anaerobic environment of the nodule.
7. Symbiotic nitrogen fixation of legumes with azotobacteria was a hot topic of scientific research, but less focus on alpine meadow community.
8. The growth period, nitrogen fixation , growth condition and other growth characteristics of Nostoc. sp were studied.
9. The alder nitrogen fixation promoted growth of the after crop.
10. The results are theoretically and practically significant for the research on biological nitrogen fixation in plants of Graminae and the popularization of nitrogen-fixing bacteria.
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11. Except total potassium and quick-acting phosphorus, every target in nitrogen fixation plantation was higher than that in non-nitrogen fixation plantation.
12. Anoxygenic phototrophic bacteria (APB) are good model organisms used to study the origin and evolution of life, photosynthesis and nitrogen fixation mechanism.
13. Nitrogen fixation trees of Leguminosae and non - Leguminosae are important biological nitrogen fixation resources.
14. The results showed that ACCC16101 had obvious comparative advantages in crop growth, breeding traits, nodulation status, nitrogen fixation and grain yields.
15. Leguminous plant has been thinking highly because its high protein content, good palatability, higher productivity, economic and high-performance nitrogen fixation is attracted increasing attention.
16. Among the blue - green algae are many species of nitrogen fixation.
17. The axenic solution culture and pot experiments in calcareous soils were carried out to study the effect of Fe on nodulation, nitrogenase activity and the nitrogen fixation of Rhizobium-Peanut.
18. The purplish soils with the different properties and fertility had obvious influence on nodulation and nitrogen fixation of the alder.
19. The results of acetylene reduction detection showed that 88.5 % were effective for nitrogen fixation.
20. Plant pot experiments were carried out for the recipient strains and their transconjugants to compare their nodulation ability and symbiotic nitrogen fixation efficiency.
21. This paper still discussed the rule of amyloplast changes in the infected cells of pea root nodules and its relation to the development and nitrogen fixation of infected cells.
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