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Monotheistic in a sentence

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Similar words: monotheismpolytheisticheistatheistmonochromaticeristicartisticsadisticMeaning: adj. believing that there is only one god. 
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1, The three monotheistic religions with the most followers are Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
2, The monotheistic order required that the feminine should be barred from the sphere of power, which coincided with the sacred.
3, Islam is world's great monotheistic religions.
4, His monotheistic solution resolves the old strict dualism.
5, Partly because it has never been monotheistic,( China has rarely had the universalistic ambitions of western states.
6, It wasn't adopted by monotheistic religions or held up as a central natural truth. Instead, pure Platonic ideals won out, perhaps because they seemed more divine.
7, Two of the world's great6)monotheistic religions—7)Judaism and Islam—prohibit their consumption.
8, At that time, there were two great monotheistic religions, Judaism and Zoroastrianism . So this was seen as an important symbol of respect from one religion to the other.
9, The myth of Osiris included some monotheistic features, such as belief in the hereafter, resurrection of the dead, Day of Judgment, and beginning and ending the prayer with Amen.
10, Will monotheistic religions change their idea of the soul to accommodate data?
11, Islam is a monotheistic Abrahamic religion originating with the teachings of the Islamic prophet Muhammad, a seventh century Arab religious and political figure.
12, Two of the world's great monotheistic religions — Judaism and Islam — prohibit their consumption.
13, But Simon's gnosis remained essentially Jewish and monotheistic, as did that of the Gnostic circles to which later parts of the New Testament allude.
14, In judeo - christianity and most monotheistic religions, objects can represent a view of the cosmos.
15, The word natural , in the monotheistic sense, means in accordance with Gods design or in accordance with Gods natural law .
16, Other denominations of Hinduism, as described later, don't hold this belief strictly and more closely adhere to a Western perception of what a monotheistic faith is.
17, But they have common antecedents in Greek and Roman civilisation and monotheistic Christianity.
18, Jerusalem would come to be recast, in all three major monotheistic religions, as a city of a godly significance.
19, To write any kind of epic at all might very well seem to be embracing an inappropriately sensual paganism at the expense of the higher discipline of good, old-fashioned monotheistic Christianity.
20, And it's that picture of the universe, Kaufman wants to argue, that is challenged by the monotheistic revolution. Again he sees this as a revolution of ancient Israel.
21, Now since God is himself the transcendent source of all being and since he is good, in a monotheistic system there are no evil agents that constitute a realm that opposes God as an equal rival.
22, Scholars in the modern world have tended to locate the focus of this faith tradition in the context of monotheistic religions.
23, That confusion is why Muslims think that Christianity is a polytheistic faith when it is in fact a monotheistic faith.
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