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Beggar in a sentence

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Sentence count:147+12 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-19Updated:2017-02-19
Synonym: mendicantpauperisepauperizeSimilar words: reggaehaggardbraggartniggardlyeggegg onegg yolka bad eggMeaning: ['begə]  n. a pauper who lives by begging. v. 1. be beyond the resources of 2. reduce to beggary. 
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(1) The (or A) beggar may sing before the thief (or footbad). 
(2) Set a beggar on horseback and he'll ride to the devil. 
(3) The beggar is crouching in a corner of the room.
(4) He warned that lifting copyright restrictions could beggar the industry.
(5) The rich man waved the beggar away.
(6) When Tom gave him the money, the beggar was surprised and seemed grateful.
(7) The beggar tore the chicken apart and began to eat.
(8) A beggar came up to us and ask for money.
(9) The beggar seized hold of my wallet and ran away.
(10) The beggar begged from the rich but they refused.
(11) The beggar resorted to me for one dollar.
(12) A young idler, an old beggar.
(13) The beggar was changed from a prince.
(14) Why should he beggar himself for you?
(15) He turned away a beggar from his door.
(16) The old beggar threw himself at the Caliph's feet.
(17) Passers-by would slip the beggar some change as they passed.
(18) The supposed beggar was really a police officer in disguise.
(19) He threw some coins to the beggar.
(20) His benevolent nature prevented him from refusing any beggar who accosted him.
(21) The beggar thrust out a hand for money.
(22) He tossed the beggar a coin.
(23) You've won again[], you lucky beggar.
(24) Aren't you dressed yet, you lazy beggar?
(25) I gave the beggar some money as an inducement to leave immediately.
(26) Yesterday a beggar knocked at my door.
(27) A beggar asked for some spare change .
(28) No man is the whole of himself; his friends are the rest of him.A young idler, an old beggar.
(29) She routed out some old clothes to give to the beggar.
(30) Compassion rose up in my heart when I saw the beggar drop dead in the street.
More similar words: reggaehaggardbraggartniggardlyeggegg onegg yolka bad eggbaggagebegbeginbeganbegunbeguilebegetterbe good atbegrudgebeguilingbegin withbeginningluggage compartmentto begin withbag and baggageat the beginninggarbat the beginning ofsugargarretregardvulgar
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