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Correspondingly in a sentence

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Sentence count:127Posted:2017-02-19Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: corresponding tocorrespondcorrespondentrespondrespondentdespondentresponseresponsiveMeaning: adv. in a corresponding manner. 
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(1) The new exam is longer and correspondingly more difficult to pass.
(2) The debate correspondingly branches into two.
(3) If you do not so trust them, then correspondingly elaborate testing procedures are required to monitor their impact and effectiveness.
(4) Correspondingly it must be recognised that an individual has entered work with a particular educational standard.
(5) Correspondingly, we shall have to consider three aspects of the delimitation of a lexical item.
(6) Correspondingly this affected the basic balance, i.e. the current balance plus the balance of long-term capital flow.
(7) Correspondingly most of the persons in a close network of relationships are of unequal rather than equal status.
(8) Correspondingly acquisition is different from storage in that the latter implies a formal recording possibly in short-term or possibly in long-term memory.
(9) Intellectuals play a correspondingly enlarged role in Gramsci's Marxism, which perhaps accounts for its popularity amongst academic Marxists.
(10) Employment for agricultural labourers was correspondingly limited, and by no means all holdings were too small for subsistence.
(11) But the traders did not become correspondingly more refined in their behavior.
(12) Their income relative to their parents will be correspondingly higher, their fertility will be high, and so the cycle will continue.
(13) And correspondingly, not to have a job is highly unfavourable so people outside paid work are considered inferior.
(14) No matter how cruel the destiny treats one with tribulation and misfortune, it will correspondingly treat him with happiness and sweetness. Even if the happiness is short and false, it's enough to light up the whole future life.
(15) The cost of living in the city is more expensive, but salaries are supposed to be correspondingly higher.
(16) Walls are generally the greatest source of heat loss and correspondingly expensive to tackle.
(17) As his political stature has shrunk[], he has grown correspondingly more dependent on the army.
(18) As his political power has shrunk, he has grown correspondingly more dependent on the army.
(19) In less densely populated areas the recovery rate is of course correspondingly lower.
(20) Longer loan periods mean your monthly repayments can be correspondingly lower.
(21) And just as the moon rises later each night, so the high tides are correspondingly later.
(22) The prospective reduction in global warming - and thus the benefit to Britain's climate - would be correspondingly small.
(23) The output reading obtained with the enlarged input is then correspondingly scaled down.
(24) For them there are fewer opportunities for planning and leading worship, and they receive correspondingly less guidance.
(25) Jupiter is a very massive planet, and its escape velocity is correspondingly high.
(26) Because food resources are scarce in the depths, animals are correspondingly thin on the ground.
(27) The split rock is slow to fall, the gravitational force being lower and the angle of fall correspondingly sharper.
(28) The slightest change in the barometer, although it might be due to factors quite outside our control, would correspondingly depress them.
(29) The passenger was far removed from an anonymous piece of card, and the parachutes correspondingly larger to slow the descent speed.
(30) The wages for many teenage and low-paid workers rose correspondingly.
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