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Attrition in a sentence

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Sentence count:105Posted:2017-03-16Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: abrasioncontritenesscontritioncorrasiondetritiongrindingSimilar words: nutritioncontritionmalnutritionattractionnutritiousapparitionattributeattributiveMeaning: [ə'trɪʃn]  n. 1. erosion by friction 2. the wearing down of rock particles by friction due to water or wind or ice 3. sorrow for sin arising from fear of damnation 4. a wearing down to weaken or destroy 5. the act of rubbing together; wearing something down by friction. 
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1) They're trying to stop the attrition of their rights.
2) It was a war of attrition .
3) Staff reductions could be achieved through attrition and early retirements.
4) Such was the war of attrition.
5) Another fixture, lost by attrition.
6) During 1917 the war of attrition continued.
7) That compares with an attrition rate of just over a quarter during Ronald Reagan's presidency.
8) Attrition rates, for tanks and aircraft increased greatly, sparking off a debate about the implication of the new technologies.
9) The 2. 05 percent attrition rate the agency had managed to maintain promised to go straight through the roof.
10) One is to continue his war of attrition against parliament,[] albeit from a position of greater strength since the referendum.
11) The highlights of this war of attrition are well known.
12) Their attrition rates generally are even higher than the rates at four-year institutions.
13) Siemens builds an attrition rate into its design and does not anticipate that all students will finish.
14) The attrition rate was horrible, especially on the days that Nabers ordered strenuous exercise drills.
15) It assumes a 5 percent annual attrition rate but that might be over-generous.
16) Some City Council members favor saving money through attrition of older officers.
17) Rodrigo now began a systematic war of attrition, biting deep into Valencian territory and reducing several of its castles to rubble.
18) Wells Fargo had hoped that normal attrition would take care of much of the shrinkage.
19) It will also eliminate 500 jobs through attrition and lay-offs at its Armonk headquarters.
20) Part of the attrition on my military reserves had been the expenses.
21) These were the economics not of efficiency but of attrition.
22) The rebels have declared a ceasefire in their war of attrition against the government.
23) Terrorist groups and the government have been engaged in a costly war of attrition since 1968.
24) By conservative estimates, the agency has pared 2, 200 jobs in the past two years through attrition and early retirement.
25) Points were difficult to come by in the second-half war of attrition.
26) The faculty was undistinguished, teaching methods uninspired, and the attrition rate, of course, appalling.
27) They made each other miserable, locking wills, disbelieving that the other party could long endure a war of emotional attrition.
28) Worse was expected to come as industrial and domestic consumption of electricity picked up after the attrition of the war years.
29) Better career guidance and exposure to real workplaces ahead of time could help reduce the attrition rate from intensive work-based learning experiences.
30) It tends to be uneventful, its often prolonged sequence of steps suggesting enforcement by attrition.
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