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Coefficient in a sentence

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Similar words: efficientinefficientefficiencyinefficiencysufficientinsufficientsufficientlysufficiencyMeaning: [‚kəʊɪ'fɪʃnt]  n. a constant number that serves as a measure of some property or characteristic. 
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1 In 8pq, the coefficient of pq is 8.
2 In 3 xy, 3 is the coefficient of xy.
3 For example, suppose that the correlation coefficient is zero.
4 To measure associations, Pearson's correlation coefficient was used.
5 The coefficient is expected to take a negative sign.
6 Correlation coefficients were calculated using the Spearman's non-parametric coefficient.
7 Component 1 has the higher partition coefficient and thus moves through the column faster.
8 So beta merely uses the correlation coefficient to weight the ratio of the risks of the security and the market.
9 Coefficient b shows the direct effect of being one of the richer respondents on preparedness to break the law.
10 Spearman's Rank-Order Correlation Coefficient was calculated to determine the correlation between relative frequency and coverage.
11 Consequently, is the coefficient of in the equation of the canonical form in which is basic.
12 The coefficient of diversification measures the extent to which the portfolio has been diversified.
13 Take, for example(, the coefficient estimated on B t in the equations: this is an estimate of.
14 Pearsons correlation coefficient was calculated to measure the association between continuous variables.
15 This can be expressed as the frictional coefficient for the chain, again within the tube confines.
16 The coefficient of variation within assays was 8.2% and between assays 12.8%.
17 For this degree the coefficient is then the integral of this integrand over the standard interval.
18 Therefore, the regression coefficient is often considered as a measure of the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable.
19 In particular, we need to calculate the objective-row coefficient of any non-basic variable.
20 Thus, the higher the Gini coefficient, the more unequal is the distribution of national income.
21 Differentiating the variance of Y and evaluating at, this policy can he seen to reduce the coefficient of variation if.
22 The optimal size of stabilization policy depends upon the coefficient of correlation between the policy and the original fluctuations in income.
23 Reproducibility studies on the data used to calculate the scan score yielded a coefficient of variation of 5.5%.
24 If the plant's behaviour depends continuously on a single coefficient, then binary chopping is a safe standard approach.
25 For each patient,( p was calculated according to the value of each variable and its respective regression coefficient.
26 This particular measure is the square of the correlation coefficient which has been used throughout Chapters 4 and 5.
27 Therefore, taking the square root of this measure we get the correlation coefficient; i.e.. 11.
28 The relationships between variables were evaluated by the simple correlation coefficient and a multiple regression analysis.
29 The mean was approximately 4, and the variance 11, giving a coefficient of dispersion of nearly 3.
30 A scatterplot is needed to assess the linearity assumption underlying each correlation or regression coefficient between pairs of quantitative variables.
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