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Mercantilism in a sentence

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Similar words: pointillismutilisemerchantnihilismexistentialismanti-semitismovercastaltercationMeaning: ['mɜrkəntɪlɪzm /'mɜːk-]  n. 1. an economic system (Europe in 18th century) to increase a nation's wealth by government regulation of all of the nation's commercial interests 2. transactions (sales and purchases) having the objective of supplying commodities (goods and services). 
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1 Mercantilism both helped and hurt the American colonists.
2 Mercantilism views international trade as a zero sum game.
3 Over time, China will move away from mercantilism.
4 At closer range, it more closely resembles mercantilism.
5 The threat of financial mercantilism can be overstated.
6 Third semester: The rise of mercantilism, the free market, economic growth, science and technology,( and the bankingsystem.
7 Mercantilism period is sex of capitalist production plan set sth afoot period.
8 The appearance of modern business mode and mercantilism laid the foundation of the inchoation of commercial spirit.
9 Historically, this process has experienced five stages: mercantilism, laissez faire, infant industry protection, Keynesianism and the strategic trade policy.
10 With the abandonment of mercantilism and the grant of oversea state trading monopolies,[] paternalism gave way to private enterprise.
11 Characterized by mercantilism , the First Empire in British history started from the Glory Revolution to the North American War of Independence.
12 As cities and their monetary systems organized further into city-states and then into nations, an economic system called mercantilism developed.
13 Yet China had already begun to emphasize exporting. The reason may lie in John Maynard Keynes's analysis of mercantilism.
14 First, they measure China's mercantilist trade policies. A country that practices mercantilism strives to increase exports at the expense of its trading partners.
15 The need to change the pattern of growth in the world economy should not become an excuse for mercantilism fraudulently to present itself in a superficially more constructive form.
16 It's a academic quandary that how to discern the private college's legal status independent liability, ownership, difference mercantilism and profit.
17 For years, Washington and Beijing clashed over the value of the renminbi, China's currency, with the U.S. Congress repeatedly threatening tariffs to retaliate against Beijing's currency mercantilism.
18 He argued that countries that are victims of Chinese mercantilism may be right to take protectionist action.
19 The second chapter mainly discusses the relation between the early mercantilism and inflation, from the monetary policy during the reign of Henry VIII and Edward VI.
20 The larger point is that the same forces that make Chinese mercantilism so damaging right now also mean that China has little or no financial leverage.
21 To assess whether China's fears are justified requires a benefit-cost analysis of the mercantilism as employed by Chinese leaders.
22 For all these reasons, while China is likely to abandon mercantilism in the long run, it probably is sensible for it to do so gradually.
23 The danger now is that developing nations could turn instead to the Chinese model of government, with managed mercantilism as the favored approach.
24 The US is entitled to protect itself against such mercantilism.
25 Even as he draws a long arc across history, he does not find a way to explain China's more recent actions, from economic mercantilism to its aggressive posture in the South China Sea.
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