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Appendicitis in a sentence

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Similar words: happenhappen tohappeninghappenstancespendingimpendingcompendiumdependingMeaning: [ə‚pendɪ'saɪtɪs]  n. inflammation of the vermiform appendix. 
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1. The doctor has cured numerous people of appendicitis.
2. Doctors performed an emergency operation for appendicitis last night.
3. Also patron of sailors; he is invoked against appendicitis and intestinal disease.
4. Also invoked against appendicitis, intestinal disease, and seasickness.
5. He came down with appendicitis.
6. Doctors diagnosed appendicitis and she was operated on.
7. Also invoked against appendicitis, intestinal disease, and seasickness. Feast day, June 2.
8. Complicated appendicitis was defined as appendicitis with histopathological evidence of perforation or gangrenous change.
9. The acute appendicitis may divide into: Acute pure appendicitis, acute purulent appendicitis, acute gangrene appendicitis.
10. After appendicitis operation do the 4 th day return meeting bowel adhesion?
11. Results It took shorter time to treat appendicitis by low incision and three-spicule suture and the incidence of infection of the edge of a knife and the scar gargalesthesia reduced.
12. Methods:Examined 148 patients suffering from acute appendicitis by diagnostic ultrasonoscope.
13. Schizophrenia is classified as a functional psychosis and split personality as a dissociative hysterical neurosis, as different as tonsillitis and appendicitis.
14. In September 1989 I was taken into hospital with the classic symptoms of acute appendicitis.
15. She was taken to the hospital suffering from acute appendicitis.
16. An extra tablespoon sprinkled over the breakfast cereal can help control irritable bowel syndrome, piles, appendicitis and bowel cancer.
17. The proportion of unnecessary operations decreased with increasing time between presentation and operation with no increase in the proportion of complicated appendicitis.
18. It can gum up the intestine or cause acute appendicitis.
19. True, one can not postpone an operation for acute appendicitis.
20. As luck would have it a fellow pupil in Diana's dormitory complained that she had appendicitis.
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21. Occasionally the pain may mimic that of pancreatitis, gall bladder disease, appendicitis, or angina pectoris.
22. Insulin will bring a diabetic to normal without the faintest need of a knife, but appendicitis needs an operation.
23. They pass rooms in which there are children suffering from measles, appendicitis, colds.
24. The tough rugby player at first put the pain of his acute appendicitis down to the after-effects of his stag night.
25. In this it is no different from pneumonia or appendicitis.
26. Objective Discuss the value applying in surpassing sound examining the diagnose in the acute appendicitis.
27. Primary peritonitis often comes from a perforated gastrointestinal tract, as with rupture in appendicitis.
28. Conclusion: Sonography has a higher accuracy in the diagnosis of retrocecal appendicitis. For the patient with atypical appendicitis symptom, sonography should be made.
29. Methods To retrospectively analyze the clinical data of 288 cases of acute imperforation appendicitis treated with conservative therapy from Jun. 1996 to Jun. 2004 in our hospital.
30. Does it hurt when I withdraw my hand suddenly? I think that you have appendicitis. You need an immediate operation.
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