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Good in a sentence

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Sentence count:151+62 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-17Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: advantageexcellentfinefittingfriendlykindniceproperrealrightsatisfyingsuitableAntonym: awkwardbadbadnessclumsyevilharmfulillnesspoorunskillfulwrongSimilar words: good forfor goodgood namebe good atas good asa good manya good joba good dealMeaning: [gʊd]  n. 1. benefit 2. moral excellence or admirableness 3. that which is pleasing or valuable or useful 4. articles of commerce. adj. 1. having desirable or positive qualities especially those suitable for a thing specified 2. having the normally expected amount 3. morally admirable 4. deserving of esteem and respect 5. promoting or enhancing well-being 6. agreeable or pleasing 7. of moral excellence 8. having or showing knowledge and skill and aptitude 9. thorough 10. with or in a close or intimate relationship 11. financially sound 12. most suitable or right for a particular purpose 13. resulting favorably 14. exerting force or influence 15. capable of pleasing 16. appealing to the mind 17. in excellent physical condition 18. tending to promote physical well-being; beneficial to health 19. not forged 20. not left to spoil 21. generally admired. adv. 1. (often used as a combining form) in a good or proper or satisfactory manner or to a high standard (`good' is a nonstandard dialectal variant for `well') 2. in a complete and thorough manner (`good' is sometimes used informally for `thoroughly'). 
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1. He that spares the bad injures the good
2. Hope is a good breakfast, but a bad supper. 
3. A good wife makes a good husband. 
4. A good beginning is half the battle. 
5. The devil is good when he is pleased. 
6. A good lawyer, an devil neighbour. 
7. A good name is easier lost than won. 
8. Behind bad luck comes good luck. 
9. Better good neighbours near than relations far away. 
10. It is a good workman that never blunders. (918). 
11. A kite will never be a good hawk. 
12. He that returns good for evil obtains the victory. 
13. A good name is earlier lost than won. 
14. A good name keeps its luster in the dark. 
15. A good book is a light to the soul. 
16. A good horse cannot be of a bad colour. 
17. Many a good cow hath a bad calf. 
18. It is good to have friends in trouble. 
19. A good dog deserves a good bone. 
20. It is not good to wake a sleeping lion. 
21. A good beginning makes a good ending. 
22. It is good to beware by other men’s harm. 
23. Money is a good servant,[][Sentencedict] but a bad master. 
24. Fire and water are good servants, but bad masters. 
25. A bad compromise is better than a good lawsuit. 
26. What is wealth good for, if it brings melancholy? 
27. Repentance is good, but innocence is better. 
28. It is good to be merry at meal. 
29. That is not good language which all understand not. 
30. The first step is as good as half over. 
More similar words: good forfor goodgood namebe good atas good asa good manya good joba good dealdo a good joba good deal ofhave a good timego outgo ongo offfoodgo overfloodbloodywoodenlikelihoodneighborhood
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