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Rationalism in a sentence

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Sentence count:75Posted:2017-03-22Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: nationalismnationalistrationalizeconstitutionalismultranationalistnationalizationrationalirrationalMeaning: ['ræʃnəlɪzm]  n. 1. (philosophy) the doctrine that knowledge is acquired by reason without resort to experience 2. the theological doctrine that human reason rather than divine revelation establishes religious truth 3. the doctrine that reason is the right basis for regulating conduct. 
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1 In rejecting the reductionism of rationalism, the counterculture was so deeply anti-intellectual that it forfeited access to its own history.
2 The morality of aseptic rationalism has superseded that of spiritual regeneration.
3 Viewed through the lens of material rationalism, this was a clear improvement.
4 Both are born of rationalism, and both are equally wrong and finally destructive of true faith.
5 The immediate effects of that philosophical rationalism were felt only by the intelligentsia.
6 The importance of reason in rationalism needs no further elaboration; our concern here is the equally important role assigned to doubt.
7 Rationalism of this kind has encouraged the growth of more and more nebulous deism.
8 The errors of constructivist rationalism stem from the belief that reason alone enables human beings to construct society anew.
9 But cognitive theories' rationalism is male-identified, drawing on dominant conceptions of the masculine nature of logical, coherent thought.
10 The distinction between rationalism and empiricism relates to a distinction between knowledge acquired by reason and knowledge acquired by the senses.
11 Nor, I contend, does rationalism have anything whatsoever to do with those who see saucers in the sky.
12 Irrationalism is opposite to traditional rationalism.
13 Its core idea is that functionalism rationalism.
14 The opposite of empiricism is rationalism.
15 News reports should embody rationalism and demonstrate human concern.
16 Rationalism usually considers itself more religious than empiricism.
17 These standpoints are contrary to constructivist rationalism.
18 The overdeveloped industrialism also results hi rationalism, which in turn further suppresses the inner Nature of man.
19 The first characteristic follows the tradition of practical rationalism, an all-embracing but selective fusion of cultures.
20 Coleridge was to spend the next thirty years attacking rationalism.
21 In normativist language the style of sociological positivism is that of constructivist rationalism.
22 Without understanding this philosophical background it is difficult to appreciate the distinctiveness of Oakeshott's critique of rationalism.
23 A believer might move from one form of piety to another, embracing mysticism and rationalism at the same time.
24 Living through the post-Darwinian debates, he invariably took up the cudgels on behalf of scientific rationalism.
25 Eventually that sense of the truth was rejected even by some philosophers who had initally accepted scientific rationalism with great enthusiasm.
26 It spread through the body and achieved chemically and pharmacologically what rationalism and the Protestant ethic sought to fulfill spiritually and ideologically.
27 Atheism is virtually unknown in pagan and rural societies,[] but this new rationalism will usher it into the modern world.
28 Arthur Schopenhauer, a pessimistic philosopher, started a rebellion against rationalism, stressing the importance of will and intuition.
29 Under the guidance of the epistemological principle of seeking to mediate rationalism and experientialism, Leibniz put forward the theory of two kinds of truth.
30 In view of fact that both the Inquisitional System and the Adversary System are products of deliberate design, plans of constructivist rationalism are doomed to self-deconstructing.
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