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Analogue in a sentence

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Synonym: analoglinearparallelSimilar words: dialoguedecalogueanalogyanalogousepiloguemonologueroguevogueMeaning: ['ænəlɒg]  n. something having the property of being analogous to something else. adj. of a circuit or device having an output that is proportional to the input. 
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1. No conversion from analogue to digital data is needed.
2. A slide - rule is a simple analogue computer.
3. Analogue computers are generalpurpose devices which employ laws of physics for performing mathematical operations.
4. No model can ever be a perfect analogue of nature itself.
5. The information on an ordinary gramophone record is analogue.
6. Last fling for the analogue gramophone?
7. Analogue computing will come back in force.
8. The need for analogue computers will grow with the realization that whole new fields will be opened up by evolutionary computing.
9. An old-fashioned analogue watch and a chunky bracelet on the right wrist might be observed through half-closed lids.
10. Instead,[sentencedict .com] it allows the analogue and digital information to co-exist.
11. This problem is the humanistic analogue of the problem of the stoker on the electric train.
12. Many issues in multimedia involve the interplay between analogue and digital information.
13. The signal is converted back into an analogue waveform just before it is fed to the picture tube and loudspeakers.
14. Our present system is analogue and the requirement for computer system links and data transmission may justify changing to a digital system.
15. Rather than using analogue voltages the servos operate with digital pulses of varying width to form a pulse width locked loop.
16. It could be video from any other analogue source such as video tape or videodisc.
17. To further contrast analogue and digital information, we can return to our wristwatch parallel.
18. If we translate analogue information into a digital form, we can suddenly manipulate it freely in almost any way we wish.
19. Pelevin has chosen the fantastic as a suitable analogue, and become a cult literary bad-boy.
20. Analogue computing also allows the direct representation of nonlinear problems.
21. Lehman said the shift from analogue to digital technology is increasing costs but without yet causing an increase in revenues.
22. An early form of analogue computer[], the astrolabe was primarily designed to solve problems of spherical trigonometry to shorten astronomical calculations.
23. Quantum, optical, chemical, analogue and evolutionary computers all offer opportunities to rethink completely the way we do computing.
24. Designed to explode from rave speakers at highly-paid PAs, full of hooks and analogue noise.
25. It is a key prediction of this chapter that in the future analogue computers will outnumber digital ones.
26. Which all goes to show what can actually be achieved when an analogue master tape is lovingly transferred to compact disc.
27. This technique provides a constantly changing voltage which can be fed to the computer through a suitable analogue input.
28. The final technique for producing a velocity profile involves a voltage.controlled oscillator with the controlling voltage generated by an analogue circuit.
29. It is as if the information processed by the senses becomes integrated to form an analogue of the energy patterns impinging upon them.
30. As yet, there is no agreed international standard for analogue videotelephony.
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