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Indefinable in a sentence

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Similar words: definableindefatigablein defiance ofabominableexaminableattainableturn a blind eyesustainableMeaning: [‚ɪndɪ'faɪnəbl]  adj. 1. not capable of being precisely or readily described; not easily put into words 2. defying expression or description. 
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1 There's an indefinable air of tension at the meeting.
2 She had that indefinable something that went beyond mere sex appeal.
3 There was something indefinable in her eyes.
4 She felt an indefinable sadness.
5 He felt, in some indefinable way, that he had come home.
6 She has that indefinable something that makes an actress a star.
7 She felt a sudden indefinable sadness.
8 Always worrying about the indefinable moment.
9 More and more the soldiers felt a certain indefinable malaise during their brief periods of leave at home.
10 And yet about him there hung the indefinable air of ugliness.
11 That has something to do with the indefinable thing called talent.
12 The vision leaves an indefinable longing and regret.
13 She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness.
14 His head felt lighter in some indefinable way.
15 There's an indefinable air of tension in this town.
16 This borderline is indefinable.
17 These words were uttered with an indefinable sound which startled the girl.
18 The less the fuzzy entropy is, the less indefinable the risk grade system is, the more dispersed the subordinated vector is,[] the better the assessment methods are.
19 In some indefinable way, Twain had conveyed his charismatic self to Keller.
20 Among people, ambiguity in sexuality and indefinable emotions, cause them to drift afloat endlessly.
21 These gentlemen had an indefinable mistrust of her good offices.
22 The air in here was personalized and unhealthy in an indefinable way.
23 The point at which a minuet is no longer a minuet, but becomes a waltz or scherzo, is ultimately indefinable.
24 Moore's view is that it is a simple and therefore indefinable property.
25 In coming here, he was actually following psychic instinct, an indefinable but insinuating impulse to visit the court of Voronov-Vaux.
26 You learn to recognise them through experience; it's often an indefinable something that's lacking.
27 A noiseless sound, an odourless smell, an unseen sight, an indefinable Something.
28 Because of its name and that pale blue the school enjoyed a peculiar indefinable distinction.
29 She is very clever, too clever for a woman. She lacks the indefinable charm of weakness.
30 Shi Jing (below as Shi): I was influenced by progressivism, and I wanted to make something that was indefinable.
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