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Heterotrophic in a sentence

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Similar words: amyotrophic lateral sclerosisautotrophicheteromorphicatrophiceutrophiccatastrophiceutrophicationcatastrophicallyMeaning: adj. requiring organic compounds of carbon and nitrogen for nourishment. 
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1) A heterotrophic nitrifier, named strain HN, was isolated from the greenhouse soil. The cells of isolates were Gram positive, rod or coccus.
2) The quantity and composition of heterotrophic bacteria community were investigated from water column of Portunus trituperculatus rearing pond in Meishan, Ningbo in October.
3) Advance in molecular biology of heterotrophic nitrifier is reviewed in this paper.
4) The genetically-engineered cyanobacterial strains acquired capability of heterotrophic growth on lactose.
5) They are heterotrophic, generally digesting food in an internal chamber, which and algae.
6) The dissolved oxygen had greater effects on heterotrophic bacteria, ammonifying bacteria and nitrifying bacteria.
7) The exist of some microorganisms, such as heterotrophic bacteria, also influence the corrosion synthetically.
8) Most animals are heterotrophic.
9) Heterotrophic bacteria are a category which includes all bacteria that survive by consuming organic matter.
10) Abundance of heterotrophic bacteria, ammonifying bacteria and nitrite bacteria, and heterotrophic bacterial population dynamics in the coastal waters of Zhejiang were investigated.
11) The number of heterotrophic bacteria and nitrifying bacteria increased with the time of the hydraulic retention time, contrary to the nitrobacter.
12) There are substrata competition between the heterotrophic denitrification bacteria and ANAMMOX bacteria when organics the influent.
13) A heterotrophic organism that ingests other organisms or organic matter in a food chain.
14) Heterotrophic nitrification characteristics of five aerobic denitrifiers which belong to different genus were studied.
15) Besides the well known autotrophic nitrifiers belonging to the Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter groups, there are some heterotrophic microorganisms and methanotrophic bacteria that are able to do the job.
16) There are various kinds of acidophilic microbiology which are divided into autotrophic, heterotrophic and amphitrophy by trophic types.
17) The results show that the DW of cells cannot be simplycalculated from OD of medium using single conversion constant in the batch heterotrophic culture of Chlorellavulgaris.
18) This paper studied the abilities of denitrification and kinetics of denitrification of heterotrophic denitrifying bacteria.
19) Nutrition that involves dependence upon performed organic molecules is called heterotrophic nutrition.
20) Nitrifying organisms are sensitive to a wide range of organic and inorganic compounds and at concentrations well below those concentrations that affect aerobic heterotrophic organisms.
21) According to this line of reasoning the " first cell " was completely heterotrophic.
22) Canadian test samples showed results of more than 80 heterotrophic units.
23) The addition of hematite also has significant influence on the activity of the heterotrophic microbes.
24) In the level distribution, there is the largest amount of heterotrophic bacteria at tidal zone, less much at the area 100M from low water line,( smallest at the area 300M from low water line.
25) Both the culture technology researches and the constituent analyses will lay a foundation for the application of plant hormones in the heterotrophic culture of Chlorella vulgaris.
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