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Heterodox in a sentence

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Antonym: orthodoxSimilar words: heterosexualpeter outorthodoxorthodoxyunorthodoxerodeodoriferousinterpreterMeaning: ['hetərəʊdɑks /-dɒks]  adj. characterized by departure from accepted beliefs or standards. 
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1. His opinions have always been distinctly heterodox.
2. His family were Alawites, a small, heterodox community.
3. Like the sort of heterodox culture which Mapplethorpe incarnated.
4. The challengers include two congressmen and a heterodox former Republican senator who stirs strong emotions on both sides of the political fence.
5. There's lots of books with heterodox ideas published in China.
6. Paul did not indulge some of my more heterodox economic thinking.
7. Individuals of heterodox belief but whose own views may stimulate others to question and think for themselves, all to the good, Milton, John Locke, people like Voltaire argued something like this.
8. Alice Amsden is researcher in the field of heterodox political economy. She is currently the Barton L.
9. He embraces the heterodox idea of monism, sometimes called animist materialism or vitalism, which is essentially a denial of any distinction between the body and the soul.
10. Two teachers of Gnostic, heterodox repute, traveled abroad at different times during the middle of the second century AD.
11. A lot of his viewpoints, which were considered heterodox , were greatly influenced by Pre-Qin Confucianism, that is, they are either the succession, or development or continuation of Confucianism.
12. Duringthis period, can be seen holding heterodox intellectuals still have a certain survival"freedom" in.
13. None of these heterodox options are available to Ireland, say the wise heads.
14. Yet foreign support can not justify persecution of house churches and other heterodox sects.
15. Struggles aim at power and the imposition of a set of heterodox or orthodox norms and symbols.
16. The difference is that the poststructuralists put themselves forth as heterodox prophets and turn out to be priests of convention.
17. The only thing that matters is the salvation of the incorporeal, the bodiless soul, but Milton is so unorthodox, or at least heterodox,[] in his insistence on the importance of the body in this poem.
18. For this reason, the Jewish civilization has, over the long years, often been considered something "alien" or even " heterodox ", usually squeezed and assaulted by the host civilization.
19. Finding itself desperately short of cash, the Chinese government was much more willing to embrace heterodox economic ideas that promised to deliver faster growth and higher revenues.
20. Inflation credibility has many benefits and the ability to pursue mildly heterodox policy when necessary may prove an important one.
21. Xunzi held that human nature is evil,(sentencedict .com) thus being often considered to be heterodox in the history of Confucianism.
22. I declined answering Mrs Dean's question, which struck me as something heterodox.
23. So that's why they're not highly regarded in Islam, because they're kind of Heterodox .
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