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Eutrophic in a sentence

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Sentence count:26Posted:2017-06-25Updated:2017-06-25
Similar words: eutrophicationcatastrophiccatastrophicallyphilosophicalneutronneutron startrophyatrophyMeaning: adj. (ecology) of a lake or other body of water rich in nutrients and subject to eutrophication. 
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1. Effects of eutrophic water on seed germination and seedling growth of Lolium perenne L. was studied.
2. The purification effect of bio screen on eutrophic river water was investigated under low temperature.
3. The corrosion behaviors of A3 steel in eutrophic water and clean water were studied by locale corrosion specimen and experiments in simulant condition.
4. The Luoma Lake , which is eutrophic state , is a shallow water lake of water carrying type.
5. The removal of algae in eutrophic water body by OH was studied.
6. The bacteria and their phosphorolysis characteristics of two eutrophic ponds in Dongli District and Xiqing District were studied.
7. The experiment of algae removal from eutrophic water body by pre oxidation with a composite chemical containing permanganate was conducted in comparison to the pre chlorination process.
8. The static simulation study Ceratophyllum purification of eutrophic water capacity.
9. Studies indicated that various algae eutrophic water bodies depend on the different content of phosphorus.
10. The system of sediment - interstitial water in typical inner - city hyper - eutrophic lake in Wuhan City was studied.
11. Microcystin ( MCYSTs(, MCs ) is a common algal toxin in eutrophic water body.
12. Catalyzed iron internal electrolysis - zeolite bed - BAC was used to treat severely eutrophic water.
13. Results showed that Hemerocallis fulva Linn. not only could develop well in the two different degree eutrophic water, but also could remove TN and TP effectively.
14. During the growing period, low concentrations solution of the two eutrophic water could promote seedling height and root growth of Lolium perenne L.
15. Experiments were carried out in Meiliang Bay of Lake Taihu to study the purifying effects of Alternanthera philoxeroides with different throw-in density for eutrophic lake water.
16. The reservoir of Chaihe is a important riverhead source in Tieling, its eutrophic is not ignored.
17. The extremes of the rangs represent relative oligoltrophic and eutrophic conditions.
18. Although the effect of Hemerocallis fulva Linn and Acorus tatarinowii schott was low, they still could be used to purify eutrophic water properly.
19. Moreover, the reaction between chlorine and algal cells in eutrophic raw water during prechlorination may also increase the DBPs precursors in treated water because of the destruction of algal cells.
20. Substrate suitability is critical to the restoration of submersed macrophytes in shallow eutrophic lakes.
21. Phosphates and other pollution - borne nutrients made lake eutrophic, sucking out oxygen that fish need to survive.
22. The Shuanglong Lake a shallow and urban lake a serious typical eutrophic lake.
23. The growth and the purification ability of Hemerocallis fulva Linn. in heavy and light eutrophic water were studied by means of soilless cultivation technique on artificial substratum.
24. The results showed that Acorus calamus grew normally in any of the 5 eutrophic waters.
25. The results showed that the concentration diluted to 25% of the eutrophic water had little effect on seed germination of Lolium perenne L.
26. The soilless cultivation technique on artificial substratum was studied in order to purify the eutrophic water body and to get considerable economic benefit at the same time.
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