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Heterogeneous in a sentence

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Synonym: heterogenousSimilar words: homogeneouschondrogenesisheterodoxgenerousheterosexualgenerouslyprogenynitrogenMeaning: adj. 1. consisting of elements that are not of the same kind or nature 2. originating outside the body. 
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1. Switzerland is a heterogeneous confederation of 26 self-governing cantons.
2. Vertical competition, the struggle between heterogeneous enterprises. 3.
3. The U.S. has a very heterogeneous population.
4. Both antibodies are a largely heterogeneous family.
5. Heterogeneous catalysts are insoluble in the reaction medium.
6. Services is simply too heterogeneous to be an interesting category.
7. By striking contrast the non-adherent subpopulation was heterogeneous, with many small, darkly-stained cells having the appearance of lymphocytes.
8. The island to which this vocationally heterogeneous unit was assigned is one of the newest and smallest countries receiving Peace Corps assistance.
9. This will enable distributed computing over heterogeneous platforms, from workstations and clusters to large-scale, high-performance systems.
10. Port wine stains are heterogeneous, and responses to different lasers vary considerably.
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11. A car is heterogeneous: unlike a blancmange, almost any portion of the car is different from other portions.
12. In addition the study populations were heterogeneous despite all meeting the criteria for major depression.
13. In addition, peptic ulcer disease represents a heterogeneous group of disorders attributable to a variety of genetic and environmental causes.
14. They have an open client-server architecture and manage heterogeneous workstations, servers and host computers linked via a local area network.
15. It is important to remember that labour is heterogeneous in the sense that different workers possess different skills and abilities.
16. Young next to old, doing-well next to down-and-out: a heterogeneous mass present for its own mutually exclusive reasons.
17. Thus we expect a new kind of parallel computer to develop-one that is heterogeneous in operation.
18. Discussion Phagocytic cells are found in the intestinal mucosa; they are heterogeneous immunohistochemically in both normal and inflamed mucosa.
19. OpenVision's technology is aimed at managing large geographically dispersed networks of heterogeneous computers with controls similar to those found on mainframes.
20. It includes the overwhelming majority of the voters and is consequently more heterogeneous in its social and ideological composition.
21. A key feature is the system's automatic two-phase commit support for distributed transactions spanning multiple heterogeneous databases that support two-phase commit.
22. This gives users and applications transparent access to data, computation, and other resources across collections of multivendor, heterogeneous systems.
23. Patients with left ventricular ejection fraction greater than 30% and no inducible ventricular arrhythmia comprise a heterogeneous group.
24. Chapter 5 clearly demonstrates that demand for sport is heterogeneous, with many sports involving only a small minority of the population.
25. We have already made the point that most political cultures are heterogeneous.
26. Phenotypic studies have previously shown intestinal macrophages to be a heterogeneous population and the present data show functional heterogeneity in inflamed tissue.
27. Tivoli's aim is to reduce the cost and complexity of managing heterogeneous distributed environments which include Unix systems and personal computers.
28. Social mobility and elite circulation might increase, and the ruling group might become more heterogeneous, but government must remain oligarchic.
29. In the first stage, we primarily dealt with homogeneous networks, then moved to inter-networks that are heterogeneous in nature.
30. All this put the emphasis on the content and was consequently responsible for the heterogeneous nature of literary studies.
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