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Weight in a sentence

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Synonym: angleburdenburthenexercising weightfree weightslantsystem of weightsweight downweight unitweightinessweightingSimilar words: weighheighteightheightyfreighthighlightneighborneighboringMeaning: [weɪt]  n. 1. the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity 2. sports equipment used in calisthenic exercises and weightlifting; it is not attached to anything and is raised and lowered by use of the hands and arms 3. the relative importance granted to something 4. an artifact that is heavy 5. an oppressive feeling of heavy force 6. a system of units used to express the weight of something 7. a unit used to measure weight 8. (statistics) a coefficient assigned to elements of a frequency distribution in order to represent their relative importance. v. 1. weight down with a load 2. present with a bias. 
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1. Trust not a great weight to a slender thread. 
2. Deliver not your words by number but by weight
3. Poor men's words have little weight
4. None knows the weight of another's burden. 
5. The students were regrouped according to height and weight.
6. The pear tree was bowed down with the weight of its fruit.
7. The weight of the books bears on the shelf.
8. Her baby doubled its weight in a year.
9. It is about 76 kilos in weight.
10. The other children taunted him about his weight.
11. He amply fulfilled the weight of expectation that they had placed on him.
12. He's always worrying about his weight.
13. The branches were bowed down with the weight of the snow.
14. These columns bear the weight of the roof.
15. The average weight of a baby at birth is just over seven pounds.
16. I tried losing weight,( but nothing worked.
17. This recipe book is worth its weight in gold - it tells you everything you need to know about cookery.
18. Low birth weight may be caused by external factors , such as smoking during pregnancy.
19. The pillars couldn't support the weight of the roof.
20. He shifted his weight onto his back foot.
21. He used his good arm to support his weight.
22. Great bulk does not always mean great weight.
23. The table creaked and groaned under the weight.
24. In the wild, this fish can reach a weight of 5lbs.
25. He had lost weight and the suit hung loosely on him.
26. The one who wants to wear a crown must bear the weight.
27. My trousers won't remain up; I've lost so much weight.
28. This diet is suited to anyone who wants to lose weight fast.
29. You may take several months to reach your target weight - it depends how much you want to lose.
30. When you really love someone, age, distance,( height and weight are just numbers.
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