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Brittle in a sentence

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Synonym: breakablecrispfragilefrailSimilar words: little by littlelittlea littlecattlesettleshuttlescuttlebottledMeaning: ['brɪtl]  n. caramelized sugar cooled in thin sheets. adj. 1. having little elasticity; hence easily cracked or fractured or snapped 2. lacking warmth and generosity of spirit 3. (of metal or glass) not annealed and consequently easily cracked or fractured. 
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(1) The branches were dry and brittle.
(2) As you get older your bones become increasingly brittle.
(3) The paint was brittle with age.
(4) She was diagnosed as having brittle bones.
(5) Constant stress has made our nerves brittle.
(6) The pond was covered in a brittle layer of ice.
(7) Joanna was diagnosed as having brittle bones.
(8) Chemically treated hair can become dry and brittle.
(9) The orchestra was brittle in tone.
(10) The pizza base retains its crispness without becoming brittle.
(11) She gave a brittle laugh and turned away.
(12) She gave a brittle laugh.
(13) Pine is brittle and breaks.
(14) Dry, brittle hair and split ends were the unfortunate consequence of years of dyeing it peroxide blond.
(15) He spoke with the brittle confidence of someone who, underneath, was very worried.
(16) 'Not at all,' she said in a brittle voice, avoiding his eye.
(17) S.-Soviet Cold War, symbols of ideological purity turned brittle.
(18) Perming makes your hair more brittle.
(19) Had she ever felt so brittle and so cold?
(20) Relations between the two countries are still very brittle.
(21) The paper was old and brittle.
(22) Their brittle and unsettling promise had already crept into the dark comers of her house and laid bare its emptiness.
(23) All the grass in front was brittle and hoary white.
(24) Shrimp, anemones, and brittle stars dominate, but their numbers are few, their biomass small.
(25) I had expected defensiveness and brittle idealism, but I was wrong.
(26) The route starts at the Glen Brittle campsite, next to the beach.
(27) Reaumur knew that steel is more brittle than pure iron and connected this with the impurities in it.
(28) These incidents suggest the peace in Northern Ireland is still brittle.
(29) Subzero temperatures in December and January can turn the ice as brittle as bone china.
(30) Jessica had slammed a drawer open, was sorting knives and forks out, brittle, self-absorbed.
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