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Woody in a sentence

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Sentence count:134Posted:2017-01-25Updated:2017-01-25
Similar words: woodenmoodybloodybodyanybodynobodyembodya body ofMeaning: ['wʊdɪ]  adj. 1. made of or containing or resembling wood 2. abounding in trees 3. made hard like wood as the result of the deposition of lignin in the cell walls. 
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1. The garden was overgrown with woody plants such as hawthorn and bramble.
2. Woody Allen is a comic genius.
3. Just seeing Woody Allen's face is enough to make me laugh.
4. This new fragrance has woody notes.
5. She dedicated her first album to Woody Allen.
6. Care must be taken when trimming around woody plants like shrubs and trees.
7. Woody Allen makes me just break up.
8. Woody Allen's film 'Zelig' contains early newsreel footage.
9. This can be promoted by burning which removes woody tissue and locally enriches the soil.
10. Many of Woody Allen's movies concern life in New York.
11. Woody Allen's latest opus is a musical comedy, shot on location in Venice.
12. Water reed is also much harder wearing, being woody in character, and so requires no clipping.
13. He was working with the Woody Herman band at the time of his death following a drug overdose.
13. is a online sentence dictionary, on which you can find good sentences for a large number of words.
14. Woody Harrelson came in for the late Nicholas Colasanto without missing a beat.
15. Woody Allen is a sober, thoughtful, intelligent guy.
16. There are some memorable one-liners in every Woody Allen film.
17. When the weather gets warm, they become hard, woody, prickly bushes which crowd out other vegetation.
18. After the dim, woody light of the bars, the unforgiving fluorescence of Umeda Station comes as a shock.
19. Woody herbs, like thyme, marjoram and winter savory stay green in all but the hardest winters and clip into tiny hedging.
20. Termites are necessary to decompose old woody vegetation, but they were fond of eating the sealant around the windows.
21. All three have within their stems strong woody vessels to transport the water absorbed by their roots.
22. They lived in a remote cottage set high on a woody hillside.
23. On windy nights they tapped at the windows with woody fingers.
24. Most of the vines looked lifeless, their leaves drooping from the woody stems and curling into cylinders.
25. So-called humic coals have a known gas potential inherited from their high proportion of woody organic matter.
26. In the region as seen from the small plane, in my case the mountains and woody uplands of the Northeast?
27. From a slightly more elevated plane of cinematic endeavour comes news to warm the heart of Woody Allen.
28. A well defined form According to my dictionary, a tree can be any perennial plant having a self-supporting woody main stem.
29. Keols, invisible in the forest canopy, were calling to each other in their incessant woody voices.
30. Flaunt the new fragrances: Feminite de Bois by Shiseido is alluringly woody.
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