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Venomous in a sentence

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Synonym: acerbacerbicacidacridbitterblisteringcausticdeadlypoisonoussulfuroussulphurousviciousvirulentvitriolicSimilar words: enormousphenomenonno moreno more thananonymousgive noticeindigenousmountMeaning: adj. 1. extremely poisonous or injurious; producing venom 2. harsh or corrosive in tone 3. marked by deep ill will; deliberately harmful. 
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1, Lisa shot him a venomous glance.
2, Venomous snakes spit and hiss when they are cornered.
3, He heaped abuse on Waite and made venomous personal attacks.
4, The cobra sank its venomous fangs into his hand.
5, The adder is Britain's only venomous snake.
6, Ms Brown has launched a venomous attack against the newspaper.
7, Reid reserved his most venomous attack for the Rail Authority.
8, She replied with a venomous glance.
9, It kills its victims with venomous fangs.
10, Much maligned, the adder is our only venomous snake,[] feeding on other reptiles and small mammals.
11, The venomous exchanges between deputies from the two republics in the Kremlin yesterday offered little hope that reason would prevail.
12, The many crevices once hid hundreds of the venomous snake indigenous to the Central Maryland region.
13, Mrs Saulitis gave the soldiers a venomous look and soothed and patted Parslina protectively.
14, The puppet performance grows more venomous until the adventurers walk out or the puppets attack.
15, Some animals, such as venomous snakes and spiders, inject venoms in order to immobilise and kill their prey.
16, A nasty piece of work[], vicious and venomous as a viper!
17, The only mammals with a venomous bite are certain moles and shrews.
18, None of the reptiles are venomous, although some of these boa constrictors could give a nasty squeeze.
19, She began mouthing words in venomous silence; she clenched her fists in rage.
20, There are two types of mollusk that are actively venomous.
21, There are two types of mollusc that are actively venomous.
22, Ways strewn with thorns and brambles and alive with venomous snakes!
23, A mystery woman bombarded Hendry's manager Ian Doyle's Stirling offices with venomous death threats by letter and phone.
24, There are two types of mollusc that are actively venomous: the cone shells and the blue-ringed octopus.
25, The group of jointed animals known as arthropods includes scorpions and spiders, and almost all of these are venomous.
26, There is little danger from a Lionfish to yourself, so long as you keep your fingers clear of the venomous spines.
27, If it is unusually wide, it is almost certainly a highly venomous form.
28, They become bitter and evil, fighting each other and poisoning animals and humans with venomous darts.
29, Butterflies and moths are among the most beautiful insects and one does not expect them to be venomous or poisonous.
30, This short-tailed shrew can inflict an unpleasant bite with the help of spittle from its venomous salivary glands.
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