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Electrode in a sentence

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Sentence count:242Posted:2017-03-02Updated:2017-03-02
Similar words: electromagnetic spectrumelectronicelectronicselectrolysiselectrothermalelectrostaticselectroplatingelectromagneticMeaning: [ɪ'lektrəʊd]  n. a conductor used to make electrical contact with some part of a circuit. 
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1. They do this by coating a metal electrode with the polymer and then varying the voltage applied to the metal.
2. The electrode was found to be usable for at least months.
3. The electrodes were made from platinum-blacked platinum gauze to minimize electrode polarization at low frequencies.
4. However, competing electrode surface reactions and surface film formation can disrupt the surface reaction and reproducible electrochemical transduction may be compromised.
5. It gives some idea of the cell / electrode arrangement and the random sampling of activity.
6. Two electrodes are placed in series for dual electrode detection.
7. Newer electrodes using transparent indium-tin oxide as conductor material have increased the electrode density from 36 to 64 per square millimeter.
8. An electrode is attached to the stylus.
9. The recording electrode was a special single-fiber needle electrode.
10. Recording electrode was concentric needle electrode.
11. Drawing illustrates heat around the needle electrode.
12. Place the electrode belt at the infant's nipple line.
13. The negative electrode of an electrolytic cell.
14. We have the saturated calomel electrode.
15. An electrode, as in a storage battery or capacitor.
16. Analysis on influence of ground electrode current in HVDC on AC power network.
17. The prepared expanded graphite modified composite electrode is used for preparing the hydrogen peroxide.
18. Secondary cell electrode and fabrication method, and secondary cell, complex cell, and vehicle.
19. Lanthanum - tungsten electrode is the substitution product of thorium - tungsten electrode because of its freedom from radioactivity.
20. Transport of anions out of the cell on the uptake carrier was demonstrated directly using an anion-sensitive electrode just outside the cell.
21. An electric arc, or continuous spark, flows between a metal electrode and the steel.
22. Probably the most studied biolayer is where an enzyme layer is used over an electrochemical transducer, producing an enzyme electrode.
23. There is often little need to control the detector electrode composition with a redox reaction simply driven by an appropriate polarising voltage.
24. Trace metal ions in the solution are thereby reduced and plated on to the anodic electrode.
25. The text assumes a basic knowledge of symmetry, atomic structure(, thermodynamics and electrode potentials.
26. This is so hot that it melts both the steel and the electrode, which is continually eaten away.
27. With the result the coating projects beyond the molten end of the electrode metal.
28. In an ultracapacitor, the distance between the ions and opposite-charged electrode is so tiny it's measured in nanometers (one-thousandth of a micron).
29. Each half reaction responds to the interfacial potential at the corresponding electrode.
30. Ultrasound, computed tomography or magnetic resonance imaging may be used to help the physician guide the needle electrode into the tumor.
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