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Colon in a sentence

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Synonym: AspinwallColonCosta Rican colonEl Salvadoran colonSimilar words: colonycolonialcolonialismColor.colorprolongdiscolorso long asMeaning: ['kəʊlən]  n. 1. the part of the large intestine between the cecum and the rectum; it extracts moisture from food residues before they are excreted 2. the basic unit of money in El Salvador; equal to 100 centavos 3. the basic unit of money in Costa Rica; equal to 100 centimos 4. a port city at the Caribbean entrance to the Panama Canal 5. a punctuation mark (:) used after a word introducing a series or an example or an explanation (or after the salutation of a business letter). 
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1. Calcium may aid in the prevention of colon cancer.
2. Here, too, the colon must be followed by a dash.
3. The colon, or large intestine, distends and fills with gas.
4. This occurred in both the proximal and distal colon.
5. Eighty eight percent examinations reached the right colon.
6. The adult parasites live in the caecum and colon.
7. Exercise reduces the risk of cancer, particularly colon cancer.
8. The proximate cause of death was colon cancer.
9. Decreases your risk of colon cancer. 6.
10. Ratios for the ascending colon were similar.
11. Specimens taken at various levels in the colon showed a microscopic colitis that was maximal in the transverse colon.
12. Put a colon between the title and the subtitle, even if there isn't one in the original.
13. Loganberries display a purplish dark red colon Their flavor is slightly tart and very distinctive, which makes them useful for winemaking.
14. We used a drawing of a normal colon and a distended colon to help them understand the problem.
15. The correct use of a colon is shown in the quotation from Ruth.
16. The next question is whether to use a colon, comma, or dash after the salutation.
17. Dr Lee believes that men who exercise can halve their risk of cancer of the colon.
18. We chose to place the manometric catheter into the transverse colon.
19. In circumstances where the topography was not clear, patients received only sigmoid colon infusions.
20. A plain supine abdominal radiograph showed gaseous dilatation of the transverse colon and small bowel.
21. It allows the study of regional transit of solids in the unprepared human colon without the need for colon intubation.
22. The greater the degree of economic development, the greater the incidence of cancer of the colon.
23. The abdomen was distended and the outline of the transverse colon clearly visible.
24. The secretion of these hormonal peptides, particularly from the colon, is therefore likely to entail other mechanisms.
25. A 72 year old woman died of a perforated colon 11 days after completing the trial, despite continuing prednisolone treatment.
26. Disease can often be caused by problems in the colon.
26. try its best to gather and create good sentences.
27. The control group consisted of patients who had undergone similar surgery for carcinoma of the right colon.
28. The present study provides further evidence for these interactions in the colon.
29. Similar ultrastructural features were present in the ileum and colon, with the most noticeable abnormalities present in the muscularis propria.
30. But unlike the action in the kidney, where caffeine causes a dilation, in the colon it causes a constriction.
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