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Cecum in a sentence

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Sentence count:36Posted:2017-02-07Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: ice-creamracecoursedevice characteristicacumenmodicumsuccumbincumbentdocumentMeaning: n. the cavity in which the large intestine begins and into which the ileum opens. 
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1) The pathology revealed mucinous cystadenoma of the cecum.
2) Inflammation of the cecum of the large intestine.
3) The appendix is an offshoot of the cecum.
4) The cecum has thin tract wall and spiral cecal folds.
5) The involved parts are rectum, sigmoid, cecum and ascending colon.
6) In down milling , maximum chip thickness cecum close to the point tooth contacts the work.
7) There are many trophozoite in the cecum, also a lot of cysts.
8) Multiple adenomatous polyps of the cecum are seen here in a case of familial polyposis.
9) Resection of the cecum was performed with an uneventful postoperative course.
10) Just above this valve cecum is the beginning of the mucosal inflammation with erythema and granularity.
11) Here are multiple adenomatous polyps of the cecum. A small portion of appears at the right.
12) And some living animals have a cecum and an appendix.
13) Objective 184 patients with mobile cecum were treated and analyzed to improve the cure rate.
14) At the same time, the abnormal location of cecum,( appendix and ascending colon can also be seen.
15) Abnormal location of cecum on barium enema was demonstrated in 30 cases, included 10 cases of microcolon.
16) Significant changes are seen in the cecum in about 50 percent of the cases.
17) The argyrophil cells in the cecum mainly distribute in the connective tissue.
18) The lymphatic capillary networks and lymphatics of the ileum and the vermiform appendix may directly communicate with those of the cecum.
19) We have formulated retrograde flow test of injection gas with pressure to the spermatic duct cecum to prove if the vasocentesis is successful after vasopuncture percutaneously.
20) Pathology revealed air cysts in submucosa and some cases in subserosa. They mainly located at jejunum, ileum[], cecum and ascending colon.
21) Nine patients were excluded because the capsule failed to reach cecum.
22) Rectum, sigmoid colon and left colon were most often involved in UC, while cecum ascending colon and right colon were most often involved in CD.
23) Paracolic sulci are lateral depressions of the peritoneum investing the cecum.
24) First, several living species, including certain lemurs, several rodents and a type of flying squirrel, still have an appendix attached to a large cecum which is used in digestion.
25) Appendix in full vermiform appendix: Vestigial hollow tube attached to the cecum of the large intestine.
26) The human appendix is a small dead-end tube connected to the cecum, or ascending colon, one section of the large intestine.
27) BACKGROUND To study the relative factors between the mobile cecum complex and mesenteric artery constriction complex.
28) CD can affect all of the enteron and mainly affects the ileum and cecum, and the diseased parts in UC are only in the colon and rectum.
29) Its etiopathogenesis had relation to that the ovary and fallopian tube approached the inguinal inner circle and the mesentery of cecum and sigmoid moved more easily.
30) Colonoscopy revealed a cigar-shaped polypoid mass protruding from the appendiceal orifice within the cecum.
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