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Effervescent in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2017-02-13Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: fertile crescentferventdescentquiescentsenescentevanescentiridescentadolescentMeaning: [‚efə(r)'vesnt]  adj. 1. used of wines and waters; charged naturally or artificially with carbon dioxide 2. (of a liquid) giving off bubbles 3. marked by high spirits or excitement. 
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1. She's one of those effervescent personalities that you often see presenting TV game shows.
2. Tamburlaine's effervescent personality and self-confidence are also echoed throughout the play.
3. He has his care-free, pretty, effervescent wife back for the moment.
4. We asked our effervescent typist what she might have been thinking at the time, but she only blushed.
5. The effervescent eschatology of sunshine and wealth had gone flat.
6. OBJECTIVE : To select formulation for ibuprofen effervescent tablets.
7. Give effervescent powders and tablets immediately after dissolving.
8. It is used in effervescent drinks.
9. Sodium cyclamate in Vitamin C effervescent tablets sample was extracted by organic solvent after derived, and determined by gas-chromatography-mass spectrum with selected ion monitor(GC-MS/SIM).
10. Results: Borax effervescent tablet conforms to the standard of Chinese Pharmacopeias.
11. OBJECTIVE : To prepare an effervescent tablets of ofloxacin and establish quality preparation.
12. Objective: To investigate the Safety of Shuangzuotai Vagina effervescent Tablets.
13. The first rush of effervescent sweetness paired with the dark balsamic spiciness is quite memorable.
14. As they describe Capote's effervescent monologue, you can almost see him sitting on the beige cloth couch, legs crossed, waving his arms around as if starring in his own movie.
15. Objective : To prepare Lomefloxacin effervescent tablet and establish quality specifications.
16. H . Give effervescent powders and tablets immediately after dissolving.
17. Likewise, those that thought they were too ephemeral and effervescent, began to appreciate them.
18. Her shoulder was stinging, but Maria couldn't help laughing at his effervescent antics.
19. Wind is whistling around the frameless doors, too, but it's pure uplifting, effervescent fun.
20. Objective : To screen the optimum formulation for Xiaomi vagina effervescent tablets.
21. My heart will join with yours and bubble over with effervescent adoration.
22. In order to know the germicidal efficacy of Jie-Er effervescent disinfectant tablet and its corrosiveness to metals, quantitative carrier germicidal test and corrosion test were carried out.
23. To observe the effect of integrate with treatment leucorrhoea decoction and Jialikang effervescent vaginal tablets, i.
24. Objective : To establish the preparation technic of Funing - effervescent suppository.
25. OBJECTIVE To establish a method for determination of hesperidin in Jinguo Effervescent Tablets by HPLC.
26. Objective: Extract the cyanidin flavones like cyanidin 3-O-glucoside from the Begonia fimbristipula, and prepare the effervescent tablets with the extract.
27. Method: Tartaric acid and baking soda were used as effervescent, macrogol was used to wrap up baking soda, using this technology prepares out Qingkailing effervesce granules.
28. Our secret is that we use the power of effervescent, carbonating cleaning solutions that are so effective that we only need to use a small amount of moisture to achieve miraculous clean carpets.
29. Objective To verify the effectiveness and reliability of Kechuanling Effervescent Troche in treating cough in children for attacking on the lung by wind and heat (acute bronchitis).
30. Objective To establish a HPLC method for the determination of Berberine hydrochloride in Zhimiling effervescent tablets.
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