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Perspire in a sentence

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Sentence count:29Posted:2016-11-07Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: sweatSimilar words: inspireempireconspiracyperspectivespitspinspitespikyMeaning: [pər'spaɪə(r) /pə's-]  v. excrete perspiration through the pores in the skin. 
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1 The firs perspire a fine balsam of turpentine.
2 The journalists and camera crews began to perspire in the heat as they stood waiting for the president to appear.
3 He began to perspire heavily.
4 She felt hot and awkward and started to perspire.
5 No wonder his feet perspire profusely and are prone to athlete's foot.
6 Positive power can inspire; negative power can perspire. Which power are you on? RVM 
7 Perspire have profit to the body and skin?
8 Perspire on the face urticant how to do?
9 Perspire on the skin can you come to the dirty stuff eduction in wool stoma?
10 He began to perspire as he climbed the hill into Highgate.
11 Summer does the child perspire how to remove prickly heat much always er to do?
12 I don't perspire. I am a private citizen,( yet I receive fan mail.
13 Stimulate the hair to be toughness, balance the perspire the sedum.
14 When patient concurrent autonomic nerve pathological change will perspire many.
15 Lack of exercise: Exercise and perspire under the sun will help our body to expel acidic waste.
16 Does the back after old person summer perspire easily what reason?
17 I aspire but I perspire , too. It gets better results.
18 People considered it as an honor to pay strength and perspire for it.
19 Look at the people around you. Some inspire you, some perspire you. Be with those that build energy in you. RVM 
20 Colonel Feather's face was getting red, and he was beginning to perspire.
21 But for athletes and others who are likely to perspire heavily, excessive consumption of caffeine could lead to dehydration.
22 Also some child active love plays, the active mass is big, very easy to perspire.
23 Drink water more, rest more, had better go out to perspire all over.
24 It can make you freeze, panic, chatter aimlessly, lose your train of thought or perspire profusely.
25 Dews is formed on leaves and when sun shines on them make them perspire.
26 Self-discipline is neurological functional symptom: Because hemal easy shrinks, appear the hectic fever with not steady movement, perspire, dazed, swimmy reach palpitation.
27 Ate to fill can after enraging the medicine that enrich the blood, summer perspire quite?
28 Ignore others' surprising impression , or you can just tell them that you have dermatophytosis, and only wearing baboosh that your feet won't perspire.
29 On the scorching summer day, he who is apt to sweat will perspire heavily.
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