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Evanescent in a sentence

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Similar words: senescentdescentbehind the scenesquiescentadolescentphosphorescentdescendcrescendoMeaning: [‚ɪːvə'nesnt]  adj. tending to vanish like vapor. 
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1. Talk is evanescent, writing leaves footprints.
2. The evanescent post - war economic boom was quickly followed by a deep recession.
3. Talk is evanescent but writing leaves footprints.
4. The moments when nature seems transparent are evanescent.
5. All was unstable; quivering as leaves, evanescent as lightning.
6. Evanescent : Vanishing or likely to vanish like vapor.
7. Evanescent summer to autumn and winter to spring.
8. Its duration may be evanescent ( measured in seconds ) or persistent over many hours or days.
9. We present a method to measure the evanescent field by Michelson interferometer.
10. An experimental setup is established to demonstrate evanescent wave of total internal reflection.
11. Instead, their role was played by evanescent photons continually popping into existence around the strong pulse.
12. Moreover, the partly uncomprehended properties of the evanescent waves in the LHM slab are also disclosed.
13. An optical fiber evanescent wave methane gas sensor based on core diameter mismatch is reported.
14. Be ambitious not for money, not for selfish aggrandizement, not for the evanescent thing which men call fame.
15. If Western women remember how they once approached equality, they remember it as an evanescent dream that died unborn.
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16. They were like a new kind of creature: light, evanescent, frivolous and absolutely predatory.
17. She spoke to Frankl who guided her to what is eternal and evanescent in life.
18. Roads they were then of the Sidhe and of those who have dealings with the impalpable and the evanescent.
19. This perception strikes one as promising, but the impression may be evanescent.
20. The lights of Salt Lake City began to fade, an evanescent shimmer lon the rear horizon.
21. By adjusting the fiber parameters, the subwavelength-diameter solid core or hollow core optical fibers have large evanescent field.
22. Flavor Warlocks have the ability to convert their own life force into rewards - both material and evanescent.
23. The platform is developed for the detection of the fluorescent-labeled nucleic acids on DNA microarrays by using the evanescent wave created by total internal ref lection.
24. The incidents which give excellence to biography are of a volatile and evanescent kind.
25. The results show that the perturbing waves exist in the form of either propagating wave or evanescent standing wave.
26. The paper illustrates the characteristics of hollow optical fiber in detail and uses the concept of evanescent wave to explain the beam transmission in interface of hollow and core.
27. The disturbances advances in the X - direction as a so - called surface or evanescent wave.
28. Discussed then are the superluminal and negative group velocities which are in the state of evanescent waves in the waveguide below-cutoff (WBCO).
29. We propose a novel scheme to form a 2D surface array of optical micro-traps of cold atoms by using two sets of far red-detuned evanescent wave interference and a blue-detuned evanescent wave.
30. An absorbing boundary condition ( ABC ) for both traveling and evanescent waves within waveguides is presented.
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