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Acquiescence in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-08-08Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: acquisitiondescendadolescentquietlyscenescentscenariohenceMeaning: [‚ækwɪ'esns]  n. 1. acceptance without protest 2. agreement with a statement or proposal to do something. 
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1. There was general acquiescence in the UN sanctions.
2. I was surprised by her acquiescence to/in the scheme.
3. Deirdre smiled her acquiescence.
4. The result was either docile acquiescence to the hegemony of bourgeois culture or schizophrenia.
5. It could only too easily lead to acquiescence in the evil done by the powers of this world.
6. Meanwhile, Governor Barnett, after his earlier state-ments indicating acquiescence, went on the air to declare he would never surrender.
7. It is an important source of the acquiescence upon which the constitution stands.
8. And the fact of our acquiescence in that dominion in substitution for all social and political thought.
9. Acquiescence in the continued existence of these weapons is intolerable.
10. James had no better luck in securing the acquiescence of the Anglican gentry.
11. The chief inclined his head in sign of acquiescence.
12. Mr. Crawford bowed his acquiescence.
13. Darcy shook his head in acquiescence.
14. This is due to his acquiescence.
15. He did it under the acquiescence of his boss.
16. Chinese acquiescence could inspire a similar approach to electric vehicles.
17. To allow ourselves simply to acquiescence in skepticism or in complacence(Sentence dictionary), Kant wrote.
18. Acquiescence in her father's wishes had been degradation to herself.
19. The apparent acquiescence of most voters in their own relative impoverishment turns out to reflect shifts in underlying political attitudes.
20. And reluctant acquiescence by some parties would only have led to turmoil.
21. Waiver or acquiescence presupposes that the person to be bound is fully cognizant of his rights.
22. He had scarcely spoken(, and I had taken his silence as acquiescence or passivity.
23. It is interesting to ask whether the fine balance of acquiescence and participation has survived into a very different era.
24. This was immediately followed by similar declarations or silent acquiescence by other nations.
25. Nothing could pass between them without its consent or tacit acquiescence.
26. It also explains why the Tsar was able to secure the acquiescence of the nobility.
27. He would probably try releasing Osman even if he gave no outward sign of acquiescence.
28. When I was young there was a joke about the difference between dignified acquiescence and enthusiastic cooperation.
29. This concern that the project continue provided a basis for council acquiescence to the very compressed first-year schedule.
30. Their demand was fair, and the chief inclined his head in sign of acquiescence.
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