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Quiescent in a sentence

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Sentence count:74Posted:2016-12-12Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: acquiescenceacquiescesenescentadolescentphosphorescentdescendcondescendobsolescenceMeaning: [kwaɪ'esnt]  adj. 1. not active or activated 2. marked by a state of tranquil repose 3. being quiet or still or inactive 4. causing no symptoms. 
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(1) The political situation was now relatively quiescent.
(2) The Dark Elves lay quiescent in Naggaroth.
(3) So Argos remained quiescent, and did not, for example, molest Mykenai and Tiryns, which took part in the war.
(4) Police reports suggested that the countryside was more quiescent than it had been for generations.
(5) Conversely, patients with quiescent disease who continue to have persistently abnormal blood tests have a high recurrence rate.
(6) The Conservatives were fairly quiescent, but the Liberals were buzzing ominously with activity.
(7) Load Total Quantity Same Quiescent Interval Different 40 %?
(8) This is a quiescent Southern seaside town.
(9) For reducing the quiescent dissipation of the system, so it is necessary to exist for the ambipolar power.
(10) Step five: tune the final stage power transistor quiescent current, the current value of the power tube by measuring the voltage of the emitter resistance Converter and get.
(11) Super quiescent state problem of anti running device can be solved by applying 3 bend quadrature equation and elementary parameter equation.
(12) It is unlikely that such an extremist organization will remain quiescent for long.
(13) We scudded over the Dorus Mhor which was conveniently quiescent(, its frothing tidal step lurking in the depths.
(14) Other times he imagined them crucified, and himself in the quiescent crowd.
(15) It seems to stir up emotions and rake over apparently quiescent turmoil.
(16) The average total duration of treatment is about I year, after which the disease usually remains quiescent.
(17) She had a past history of Crohn's disease which was quiescent and she was taking oral contraceptives.
(18) The fact that patients with active colitis were more affected than those with quiescent disease in Roediger's studies could reflect this.
(19) Many strikes were headed by groups of workers who had previously been fairly quiescent.
(20) All the tensed heads came up hopefully, all the too quiescent bodies braced, all the wary eyes gleamed.
(21) In major life changes such as adolescence, for successful growth opportunities both active and quiescent periods are needed.
(22) Dynamic current testing can detect some faults that cannot be detected by voltage based test method and quiescent current test method.
(23) A type of orphan alarm in which alarm is active but quiescent for a certain period.
(24) The above-mentioned results show that when lymphocytes are transformed from quiescent state to growth state by PHA, many species of enzymes are induced .
(25) The key technologies which conclude the designation of electro-optic crystal cell, confirmation of quiescent operation point and the system of beam shape is deeply researched.
(26) But limited by time and my experience, there are still some insufficiency. Such as, reduce the quiescent current and combine PFM mode with PWM mode to improve the efficiency.
(27) A sound also has an amplitude, a property subjectively heard as loudness. The amplitude of a sound is the measure of the displacement of the air pressure wave from its mean, or quiescent state.
(28) It keeps checking the tail pointer and advancing it if necessary until the queue is in the quiescent state, at which point it can begin its own insertion.
(29) Today, the usual low noise design is to chose transistor and its quiescent point in order to ensure that the noise resistance equals the signal source resistance.
(30) Can play, and your daughters situation is now tantamount to quiescent period, there is no great hindrance.
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