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Ecologist in a sentence

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Sentence count:53Posted:2017-02-01Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: apologistecologicalpsychologistornithologistapologizetheologicalbiologicalideologicalMeaning: [iː'kɒlədʒɪst]  n. a biologist who studies the relation between organisms and their environment. 
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1 Ecologists argue that the benefits of treating sewage with disinfectants are doubtful.
2 The ecologists successfully lobbied the bill through.
3 In the opinion polls the ecologists reached 20 per cent.
4 The plan has been dismissed by ecologists as both gimmicky and technically unviable.
5 Interestingly, many ecologists are far more concerned about the problem of resistance than they are about horizontal transfer.
6 The ecologists building the wilderness areas of Bio2 were of the school that says: soil bugs ecology.
7 But just as they did so, ecologists, epidemiologists,[] and alarmed demographers have taken up the cry.
8 There is little direct connection, because many early ecologists were not interested in evolution.
9 Huntsmen know that convincing opponents they are ecologists is a tough job.
10 This is a misconception that forest ecologists have for years been at pains to correct, but to little avail.
11 Papers written by clinical ecologists for clinical ecologists in clinical ecology journals have little scientific impact.
12 Urban ecologists started concerning themselves with children growing up in polluted environments.
13 Clinical ecologists therefore attempt to diagnose and treat a disease which conventional doctors believe does not exist.
14 Economists say the ecosystem is basically healthy; ecologists worry it may, be on the verge of being irreparably damaged.
15 In the beginning, ecologists built simple mathematical models and simple laboratory microcosms.
16 Primate behavioral ecologist Sylvia Amsler observed groups of male chimps patrolling the edges of their territory and targeting rivals for brutal killings.
17 That's ecologist Andrew Blaustein. He told us that scientists have recently learned more about diseases that may be killing millions of frogs and other amphibians.
18 Ecologist who looked for patterns in nature regarded food as an organizing influence in communities.
19 A report by the Royal College of Physicians of London concluded that studies of clinical ecologists were seriously flawed.
20 This is the kind of overly generalized, commercial forestry approach that drives Hub Vogelmann and his fellow ecologists nearly to distraction.
21 In a well publicised case a patient recently committed suicide while under the care of a clinical ecologist.
22 The question of validity of the methods of clinical ecologists is essentially what constitutes good science.
23 These methods are analogous to the energy-centred methods adopted by ecologists.
24 "It's a very early successional plant," says Joseph Wright, an ecologist at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute (STRI).
25 "Bycatch is probably the most important threat to sea turtles," says Karen Bjorndal, a sea turtle ecologist at the University of Florida, Gainesville, who was not involved in the research.
26 Ecological risks should not be underestimated either, says Wei Wei, an ecologist here at CAS's Institute of Botany.
27 This led in 1980 to a bet between a prominent ecologist, Paul Ehrlich, author of "The Population Bomb", and Julian Simon, an economist at the Cato Institute, a free market think-tank.
28 Of course, Bartenev's story also appears dubious in places, especially his claim to be an ecologist.
29 "When it comes to war-fighting, ant species are more similar to humans than most other animals, even primates, " ecologist and photojournalist Mark Moffett tells Danger Room.
30 It has been marked so far by one blog post for the Ecologist and an article in the Solomon Times*.
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