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Color in a sentence

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Sentence count:163+15 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2016-07-16Updated:2016-12-13
Antonym: decolourSimilar words: Color.colorfulcolonycolonialecologicalexplorecounselorexplorationMeaning: [ˈkʌlə(r)]  n. 1. a visual attribute of things that results from the light they emit or transmit or reflect 2. interest and variety and intensity 3. the timbre of a musical sound 4. a race with skin pigmentation different from the white race (especially Blacks) 5. an outward or token appearance or form that is deliberately misleading 6. any material used for its color 7. (physics) the characteristic of quarks that determines their role in the strong interaction; each flavor of quarks comes in three colors 8. the appearance of objects (or light sources) described in terms of a person's perception of their hue and lightness (or brightness) and saturation. v. 1. add color to 2. affect as in thought or feeling 3. modify or bias 4. decorate with colors 5. gloss or excuse 6. change color, often in an undesired manner. adj. having or capable of producing colors. 
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1. Love sees no color, age, or looks, it only sees what in your heart.
2. The color of leaves is green in summer.
3. The clothes blend with her color of skin very much.
4. Do you have a medium in this color?
5. She differs from her sister in the color of her eyes.
6. The book was illustrated with color photographs.
7. The new color is lighter, and the old paint shows through.
8. Life can not fade , the multiple spot color can't accommodate oneself to wonderful just now best,alive.
9. The color of the curtains clashed with the color of the carpet.
10. I don't like the color of our school uniform.
11. Life, is a colorful picture,( the smile is a beautiful color.
12. It has done me good, because of the color of the wheat fields. Go and look again at the roses. You will understand now that yours is unique in all the world.
13. Wheat color skin to a healthy sense of vitality, wearing Nike a complete set of pure white pink edge sportswear, the tiny curly brown hair tied in a relaxed and lively braids, always the confidence of cute expressions.
14. I like the color of your jacket.
15. Wearing a blue skirt, microstrip wheat color skin looks so healthy, black hair like a waterfall vertically over the shoulders, with a reddish face.
16. Tears are no color of blood.
17. The room is lacking in color.
18. The color is coming back to your face.
19. This color does not go with that.
20. I'm the only person of color in my class.
21. This is a color television.
22. Crimson is her favourite color.
23. The color of the shell per se does not affect the quality of the egg.
24. A perfunctory love lost evolve into black and white color.
25. Taking the exam is one thing but passing it is a horse of a different color.
26. To me, the past is black and white, but the future is always color.
27. You can stain the wood with this special liquid to give it a pleasing color.
28. The wheat fields have nothing to say to me. And that is sad. But you have hair that is the color of gold. Think how wonderful that will be when you have tamed me! The grain, which is also golden, will bring me back the thought of you. And I shall love to listen to the wind in the wheat.
29. Our new neighbor is always flinging his money around , with his color television and his new car every year.
30. Black communities spoke up to defend the rights of all people of color.
More similar words: Color.colorfulcolonycolonialecologicalexplorecounselorexplorationcolumncollarcollegecollectapologytheologygeologyprolongbiologypercolatecollapseprotocolideologyno longerso long ascolumnistcollectorcolleaguechocolateapologizecollectioncollective
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