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Archeological in a sentence

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Similar words: theologicalideologicalecologicalbiologicaltechnologicalpsychologicalterminologicalornithologicalMeaning: adj. related to or dealing with or devoted to archaeology. 
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1. During the dig, the archeological team found some relics from the Stone Age.
2. They visit the campus of the Crow Canyon Archeological Center and one of its excavation sites.
3. This theory is supported by archeological as well as linguistic evidence.
4. Scientists often cannot date precisely archeological or prehistorical findings.
5. Archeological resources will be protected and preserved in place.
6. Presently hides Yu Pingsu archeological team.
7. We preserve these archeological findings.
8. More treasure of ancient Greece Archeological Museum.
9. Assyriology rests on information from archeological excavations on the one hand and on the study of written documents by philologists on the other hand.
10. During the visit, Chirac admired the archeological site where thousands of objects have been dug up, including bronze animals and statues.
11. Crete . Archeological records prove all know: the are identified with the olive and the olive oil.
12. Those who are studious archeological like Peiping because there are many old books and antiques.
12. try its best to collect and create good sentences.
13. In 1970s the archeological team of Gansu Museum had a new exhumation in Hecheng and Juyan, and found batch of banknotes and twenty thousands.
14. He is a serious archeologist who has guided archeological excavations in Xinjiang for a long period of time.
15. According to archeological evidence , Anyang in Henan Province is the birthplace of the Chinese writing system.
16. Archeological finds in the Olduvai Gorge include stone tools, and skeletal remains of Homo Habilis and Homo Erectus, as well as bones of, now extinct, wild animals.
17. The archeological treasures found in its sand buried ruins point to Tocharian , early Hellenistic, Indian and Buddhistic influences.
18. And they examined archeological information and other historical records for twelve coastal areas.
19. Sanxingdui archeological discovery shows that the splendid ancient Shu civilization bears its own remarkable features. It has close cultural exchange with the Centra Plains civilization.
20. In the northeast was Yan civilization. The representative archeological culture is Hongshan culture.
21. Located in southern England, Stonehenge is an archeological site of mystery.
22. The laws that decide who owns items discovered on an archeological exploration are ridiculously archaic.
23. Based on field research and laboratory analysis, a conclusion was reached that sedimentary faces of external strata at Yantai archeological site are hydrostatic and limnetic.
24. SPIEGEL ONLINE: Could this affair endanger German - Egyptian cooperation on archeological work?
25. The thesis discusses the planning of Liangzhu Culture Residence as a measure for the conservation of Liangzhu Archeological Site and the design of Liangzhu culture museum.
26. My parents have a ranch in the Southwest that is a most incredible archeological preserve.
27. The sacrificial objects unearthed in Mawangdui are of high value to archeological researches.
28. LOL. And not only are our soldiers dying so that this Chinese corporation can cash-in, but we are expediting the destruction of this priceless archeological site as part of the "bargain".
29. The skeletons were uncovered in 2005 in a group of graves at an archeological site in the Eulau region.
30. My heart was stirringly touched when I read this vivid description on the archeological discovery of Yunnan bronze wares for I have been a tour guide in Kunming tourism for over 20 years.
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