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Return in a sentence

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Synonym: come backgive backgo backreimburserepayrevertrevisitAntonym: departSimilar words: in returnin return fortake turnsturnturn onturn offturn inturn toMeaning: [rɪ'tɜrn /-'tɜːn] n. 1. document giving the tax collector information about the taxpayer's tax liability 2. a coming to or returning home 3. the occurrence of a change in direction back in the opposite direction 4. getting something back again 5. the act of going back to a prior location 6. the income or profit arising from such transactions as the sale of land or other property 7. happening again (especially at regular intervals) 8. a quick reply to a question or remark (especially a witty or critical one) 9. the key on electric typewriters or computer keyboards that causes a carriage return and a line feed 10. a reciprocal group action 11. a tennis stroke that sends the ball back to the other player 12. (American football) the act of running back the ball after a kickoff or punt or interception or fumble 13. the act of someone appearing again. v. 1. come back to place where one has been before, or return to a previous activity 2. give back 3. go back to a previous state 4. go back to something earlier 5. bring back to the point of departure 6. return in kind 7. make a return 8. answer back 9. be restored 10. pay back 11. pass down 12. elect again 13. be inherited by 14. return to a previous position; in mathematics 15. give or supply 16. submit (a report, etc.) to someone in authority. 
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1. Cut short the nonsense and return to one's muttons. 
2. The country has been able to celebrate the return of its independence so brutally snuffed out in 1940.
3. Mr Baker will return home via Britain and France.
4. They did not return home till 9 o'clock.
5. The students return in October for the start of the new academic year.
6. They are offering a reward for the return of their cat.
7. The striking miners will soon return to work.
8. He made a nostalgic return visit to Germany.
9. The Education Secretary accuses teachers of wanting to return to a dark age.
10. We're hoping for a return to normality as soon as possible.
11. The dark clouds announced the coming his return.
12. I bought him a bottle of drink in return for his kindness.
13. I will return, find you, love you, marry you and live without shame.
14. Everyone rejoiced at the news of his safe return.
15. It was hard to return to mundane matters after such excitement.
16. He was waiting for his brother's return with anxiety.
17. He advocates the return of capital punishment.
18. When did she return home from the trip?
19. If love is misunderstanding(, who let I can return to perfect.
20. Though you cast out nature with a fork, it will still return
21. He took out a court injunction against the newspaper demanding the return of the document.
22. In his galumphing way he managed to wake the whole house on his return.
23. I felt a growing sense of alarm when he did not return that night.
24. A barge was about a hundred yards away, waiting to return seaward.
25. Russia, he said, had reached the point of no return on the road to reform and had to go forward.
26. This makes it extremely simple to save what you find with an electronic bookmark so you can return to it later.
26. Wish you can benefit from our online sentence dictionary and make progress every day!
27. A mixture of selected funds is an optimum choice for future security and return on investment.
28. An astronaut will attempt to leave the stationary spaceship and then return to it.
29. Your mother is very grieved by your refusal to return home.
30. You again how boethius observed all still could not return to the origin.
More similar words: in returnin return fortake turnsturnturn onturn offturn inturn toin turnturn outturn upturn awayturn downturn overturn intofurnitureget uplet upset upmeet up withburn upjournalburn outretailretainretirestretchburningretreatretired
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