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Delimitation in a sentence

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Sentence count:32Posted:2017-02-21Updated:2017-02-21
Similar words: limitationeliminationelicitationfelicitationto the limitdelectationagitationlevitationMeaning: [dɪ‚lɪmɪ'teɪʃn]  n. a line that indicates a boundary. 
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1) Article 6 assumes a series of delimitation agreements between adjacent States allowing for bilateral relationships within the overall multilateral regime.
2) The scrupulous delimitation of state powers found no parallel in the conduct of external relations, which formed a permanent exception.
3) The dispute of the delimitation of the continental shelf at the East Sea has damaged the relationship between China and Japan.
4) The delimitation of stands within ecotons generally gives on difficulties.
5) As a basic principle in the delimitation, equitable principle has been established gradually in international practice, and become one part of international practices.
6) The analysis and delimitation on that are of great importance for us to well understand the moral construction's strategy raised by our Party' Central Committee and to put it into effect.
7) The delimitation of the northern bounder between China and Burma in 1960 didn't mean that the Chinese government had recognized the legitimacy of the McMahon Line.
8) This paper discusses the principles conformed by Delimitation of Maritime Boundary in the Beibu Gulf and the factors considered by the principle of equity.
9) The delimitation of the scope of application of Community Corrections should be consistent with the nature of Community Corrections and the country's current penal system.
10) The application of GPS-RTK in investigation delimitation of linear engineering may not only meet the accuracy requirements, but also increase the efficiency obviously, which is a feasible method.
11) The matter of delimitation needs the two countries to negotiate. It can't be decided unilaterally.
12) Set the delimitation or boundaries of your proposed research in order to provide a clear focus.
13) Objective To study the delimitation of boundaries of zoogeographical regions on the rat-shaped zoology fauna of Hubei province.
14) Correspondingly,( we shall have to consider three aspects of the delimitation of a lexical item.
15) It is this idea that gave rise to the delimitation of rights in Deng's style and the re-emergence of entrepreneurship in China, which I have mentioned previously.
16) The second chapter firstly unfolds the objective and the task of CBC, and then analyses the theoretical delimitation and the characteristics of CBC in terms of the law of nations.
17) The false synchronization probability , loss of synchronization probability of frame delimitation which is used in a microprocessor telecontrol system and its transfer efficiency are analysed.
18) Suleiman is a 10 in the Israeli government of Israel through the Mediterranean Sea exclusive economic zone delimitation of its maritime border with Lebanon, issued the warning.
19) In the judicial practice that the case of explosion is handled, certain difficulty has been in the delimitation of crime of willful and malicious injury and crime of murder.
20) Much less is connected with the separation of generation, and there is considerable uniformity of opinion as to the delimitation of families.
21) The method is conventional in treating boundary value and delimitation and easy in programming.
22) And Mencius's theory of human nature has limitations in the delimitation of human nature, and is short of the basis of real content in the logical argument.
23) In the first part, background information and literary review are given with a clear delimitation of relevant terms in this field.
24) And with the Seabed-character sample horizontal and vertical analysis method, realize the function of Seabed-character horizontal static and dynamic delimitation and vertical delamination.
25) It is reported that the Japanese government is ready to shelve the delimitation at the East China Sea. What's your comment?
26) In our actual test experiments, each instance can be completed better by delimitation greedy algorithm than hitting set algorithm.
27) Finally has carried on the forecast to this system in land survey delimitation application prospect.
28) At the same time, a large number of experimental data shows that the delimitation greedy algorithm has better results than the hitting set algorithm.
29) Sovereignty over natural resources on the continental shelf, ownership of all coastal States, but in the adjacent coastal States and the relative, the existence of specific delimitation.
30) It can be information transparent transfer of the Internet, it may be subnet border delimitation.
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