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Jostle in a sentence

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Synonym: bumppushshovethrustSimilar words: jostlingapostlehustlebustlewhistlerustlecostlymostlyMeaning: ['dʒɑsl /'dʒɒsl]  n. the act of jostling (forcing your way by pushing). v. 1. make one's way by jostling, pushing, or shoving 2. come into rough contact with while moving. 
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1 Don't jostle against me!
2 Satisfaction and horror jostle for position on his face.
3 Acrobats, clowns and musicians jostle for your attention.
4 Discarded sodden matches and joint stubs jostle around in the pan and urine seeps into the sole of my shoe.
5 As evening approaches, other exciting opportunities jostle for your attention.
6 Many air atoms crowded together jostle one another, like humans in a crowd, and cause wind.
7 But the crude over-emphases jostle with touches of true subtlety.
8 The cells seem to jostle for position and about 40 cells leave the wall and enter the hollow interior.
9 Now star fruit and okra jostle root ginger and mangoes on supermarket shelves.
10 Messengers who jostle pedestrians on the sidewalk.
11 Flood - affected people jostle for food relief in Nowshera in northwest Pakistan on Friday, Aug. 6, 2010.
12 They do not jostle each othereach marches straight ahead. They plunge through defenses without breaking ranks.
13 To push or jostle ( another or others ) with the elbow.
14 And just jostle it a little because they are all going to come up one day.
15 European leaders jostle to be snapped standing next to him.
16 An assassin grimly carries his mission through the jostle of a carnival.
17 We had to jostle our way to the front of the platform.
18 However, do be prepared to jostle with lots of youngsters and elbow your way around the narrow crevice-like walkway of this longstanding Shanghai nightspot.
19 In LBOs, creditors are often also shareholders, making them less likely to jostle for advantage when times get tough.
20 But with art nowadays the eyes do not always have it: texts, contexts and theories often jostle visual experience aside.
21 However, no, I nodded my head and held up my glaive jostle to him.
22 For in the springtime flowers come in crowds , the busy wings of bees jostle each other.
23 At the solar surface, convective motions of heated gases jostle the magnetic field line.
24 Pricing is set to get more competitive as banks jostle for business.
25 Costly productions could wind up cannibalizing each other as they jostle for screens.
26 Now they find themselves caught in the middle as America and Iran jostle for regional dominance.
27 Is television the only medium in which vastly dissimilar messages jostle against one another?
28 The well - alignment of tubes is due to the base growth mode and the jostle effect.
29 Still,( the differences among the auto makers suggest competing technologies will jostle for prominence.
30 Many tycoons live in the wealthy ghetto of Rublyovskoye Shosse, near the Putin's dacha on the edge of Moscow, where Lamborghini showrooms jostle alongside Gucci boutiques.
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