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Concave in a sentence

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Sentence count:150Posted:2017-03-23Updated:2020-07-24
Antonym: convexSimilar words: concentration campcavecaverncaveatcave inscavengecavernousscavengingMeaning: [‚kɒn'keɪv]  adj. curving inward. 
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(1) The tail is quite mellow, and concave too.
(2) The cone would then float up into the concave funnel and constrict the water passage, thus throttling its flow.
(3) Disc harrows consisting of gangs of concave steel discs are dragged at an angle to the line of draught.
(4) The tenement was very old, the stairs concave from constant use.
(5) The concave sole on the underside of the hoof is sensitive and not as hard as the outer wall.
(6) Dinosaur shoulder blades had concave sockets facing downwards and backwards.
(7) The concave feels good, similar to the Gator but deeper if anything, simple but functional.
(8) At the centre of the face was a concave portion and Nuadu knew that the jutting bone of the nose had gone.
(9) A concave underwater shape will give superior performance when you progress to an intermediate level.
(10) Modern lizards and crocodiles have saddle-shaped shoulder joints, concave from the bottom to the top and convex from the inside out.
(11) Biconcave:Concave on both sides or surfaces.
(12) Seed flattened dorsally in cross section, face concave .
(13) The snow presents a concave shape.
(14) The palm of one's hand is slightly concave.
(15) Morphological analysis of concave block.
(16) Plane mirrors, convex lens and concave lens.
(17) Concave on both surfaces; biconcave.
(18) The threemirror anastigmatic system includes two aspherical concave mirrors and a spherical convex mirror.
(19) The relation between the focal length of a concave lens and its reflective image properties is analysed and deduced.
(20) The design according to human cervical spaces located concave shape, the balance should normally lie.
(21) The position occupied by the concave die core originally becomes concave shape when changing into vacant ceramic product.
(22) In order to test concave aspherical surfaces precisely, a binary phase twin computer-generated hologram(CGH) is proposed and designed.
(23) The concave shape behind the spoon head can reduce the pressure to fingers during peeling.
(24) The absence of transition curves is disguised by the pulsation of positive and negative, convex and concave curvature.
(25) The face was in inverse relief, with the features concave rather than convex, as for a mold.
(26) The whole group of ribs is made into an inverted concave cone.
(27) Most myopic children can be fitted with glasses with concave lenses which will bring their vision to normal.
(28) Those Veins which follow the ridges are termed convex veins and those which follow the furrows concave veins.
(29) The ejection mechanism used pin ejector to pull the plastic parts out with move slanting slide simultaneously leaving circular arc concave position. The ejection mechanism is simple and practical.
(30) The shape of the evaporation wave front is highly irregularly, it is neither concave nor convex.
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