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Ruse in a sentence

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Sentence count:41Posted:2016-09-25Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: deceptiondevicefraudhoaxsubterfugetrickSimilar words: virusbrushcrushrush outRussianfrustratefrustrationMeaning: [ruːs /-z]  n. a deceptive maneuver (especially to avoid capture). 
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1. I saw through your little ruse from the start.
2. Agnes tried to think of a ruse to get Paul out of the house.
3. The children thought of a clever ruse to get their mother to leave the house so they could get ready for her surprise.
4. The attack may merely be a ruse by the enemy to distract our forces.
5. It is now clear that this was a ruse to divide them.
6. Nor is subversion the ruse of power.
7. If the old man had been home. the ruse could hardly hope to succeed.
8. Demonstrating parental behaviour towards infants may be a ruse by which low-ranking males are able to gain mating opportunities.
9. Federal legislation attacking Mormon polygamy served as a ruse for completing the absorption of the Mormon religious state into the Union.
10. It was just a ruse to get what I wanted!
11. He no longer carried on the ruse of going up to the swimming pool every day.
12. He wore a fake mustache in a ruse to conceal his identity.
13. The ruse fell apart when Kennedy contacted the supposed letter writers after the sentencing to thank them for their interest.
14. She asked to use the telephone as a ruse to enter the house.
15. The perverted originality of Iago's ruse, now linked to a cause, thereby loses its lurid gleam.
16. An assassin's ruse: one would knock on the door, the other would be waiting in the darkness.
17. She has a short ruse anyway; road trips make it shorter.
18. The old bootpolish ruse , eh? Jolly good.
19. And the public buys into their ruse.
20. To feign frankness is a ruse of war.
21. Their first ruse having failed , then tried another.
22. So our little ruse succeeded.
23. The criminal adopted ruse to escape detection.
24. Her pretended deafness was a ruse to enable her to learn their plans.
25. Because of not be good at ruse loser also there is no lack of its person.
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26. Or it may have been no more than a ruse to exert pressure and force him to reconsider.
27. There they are tricked into handing over their passports under the ruse that the men require them to process their visa applications.
28. It drove him mad when she turned herself into a sphinx as a ruse to avoid facing the truth.
29. It Ras more practical uses, better reliability, easier operations and greater effect than previous ones, and it's an ideal dialyser ruse device.
30. The wave of petrol bomb attacks is more likely a ruse orchestrated by the police as part of the king's renewed repression of political opposition and civil society.
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