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Syntax in a sentence

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Similar words: synthesissyntheticsynthesizephotosynthesistaxtaxiataxiataxmanMeaning: ['sɪntæks]  n. 1. the grammatical arrangement of words in sentences 2. a systematic orderly arrangement 3. studies of the rules for forming admissible sentences. 
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(1) Let's investigate the syntax of Chinese.
(2) Syntax describes the rules by which words can be combined into sentences, while semantics describes what they mean.
(3) His grammar and syntax, both in oral and written expression, were much better than the average.
(4) They can check syntax and access object while debugging.
(5) This involves information about syntax, semantics, discourse structure, pragmatics and knowledge of the world.
(6) In this case, the relative weighting of lexical:syntax:semantics could be 4:2:1.
(7) How does the syntax of proper names differ from that of descriptions? 15.
(8) The main information that the probabilistic syntax analyser needs from the lexicon is the grammatical tag of each of the candidate words.
(9) Conclusions A probabilistic syntax processor has been developed to assist in the selection of the correct words for a text recognition system.
(10) These include for example syntax and semantics, and the use of information about compounds[], commonly used phrases and idioms.
(11) The statistical approach reduces the problem facing the syntax analyser from a logic-based task to one of pattern recognition.
(12) The output produced by the syntax analyser is extremely basic.
(13) Syntax is a putting together according to conventions that often have the look of traffic rules.
(14) And it does so in syntax which calls for quite a feat of structuring and interpreting.
(15) In computational linguistics the main approaches for implementing syntax can be broadly classified as either rule-based or probabilistic.
(16) The score assigned to the word by the syntax analyser is shown beneath the word.
(17) Cureton would surely do better to rely on syntax to determine rhythmic grouping at this level.
(18) For the probabilistic syntax system compounds are troublesome since the window may not contain all of the compound.
(19) The instructions were not carried out because of a syntax error.
(20) Note that the vertical bars must be included as part of the syntax, as they separate parameters within each keyword.
(21) It is effective when read aloud, where the voice can be used to carry over the syntax and sense.
(22) Saying complex things forces you away from the protected Syntax of simple sentences.
(23) Grammar is organized along two main dimensions: morphology and syntax.
(24) The aim of this investigation is to determine how well the syntax analyser behaves when the lattice is successively degraded.
(25) Inflections, positions, and signpost words are the mainstay of syntax.
(26) They give a more holistic understanding than resources such as reference manuals, which emphasize syntax and rules.
(27) There are no stylistic flourishes, such as departures from the basic syntax through the use of modals, questions and negatives.
(28) Conversely, in languages with relatively fixed word order there will be greater instances of tension between syntax and communicative function.
(29) But if the lexicon is not complete, then neither is the syntax, semantics or phonology likely to be.
(30) These are some of the most important, and most ignored, examples of the direct interaction between pragmatics and syntax.
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