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Cede in a sentence

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Sentence count:28Posted:2016-12-16Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: give uprelinquishsurrenderyieldSimilar words: secedeaccederecedeconcedeprecedeprecedentintercedeantecedentMeaning: [siːd]  v. 1. give over; surrender or relinquish to the physical control of another 2. relinquish possession or control over. 
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1. The General had promised to cede power by January.
2. Slowly, back-scratching consensus might cede to the checks and balances of pluralism.
3. The Supreme Soviet voted to cede responsibility for the budget to the government.
4. During his 1985 cancer surgery, Reagan did cede power to Bush for eight hours.
5. A refusal to cede two weeks of winter to the dark forces of routine.
6. The military has refused to cede power to elected officials.
7. Analysts say News Corp's step to cede majority control in Xing Kong confirms this strategy.
8. The debater refused to cede the point to her opponent.
9. Despite all this, It'still seems too early cede America's future to the Lone Star state.
10. America was reluctant to cede any legal power to a supranational authority.
11. Why would they want to cede power peacefully when faced with the precedents of Mubarak (trial and imprisonment) and Gaddafi (lynching)?
12. Both men are skilled at using pressure in one venture to get the other to cede ground in another.
13. Still I find it hard to believe most men would want to cede their privilege and power on the evidence you present.
14. Why not take into account the rent and also to cede territory is also not it?
15. When people have hope in thefuture(, they will not cede their lives to violence and extremism.
16. Article 22 An insured person who claims any insurance benefit must not cede his rights to someone else, rescind, seize, or offer security.
17. But a key stumbling block continues to be U.S. reluctance to cede 5 any power in Iraq.
18. Ms. Palin, 45, the Republican vice-presidential nominee last year, was supposed to serve through the end of 2010; she said she would cede control of the state to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell on July 26.
19. The French army was defeated in the Franco - Prussian War and forced to cede Alsace to Prussia.
20. If the President continues to shake the hornets' nest by refusing to cede oversight and administrative power to the Parliament, then the fireworks show will continue.
21. When a virtual processor or SMT thread becomes idle, it is able to cede processor cycle to Hypervisor, and then the Hypervisor can dispatch unused processor cycles for other work.
22. Not because I'm proud, in fact, in front of you, I cede all my pride.
23. The French army was defeated in the franco-prussian war and forced to cede Alsace to Prussia.
24. They want slice off swathes of the West Bank and cede little or nothing in return.
25. Kevin Wale, head of GM in China(, defends the decision to cede majority control to his Chinese partner: "Relationships [in a joint venture] are much stronger than numbers.
26. The imperialist powers repeatedly forced the Qing government to cede territory and pay indemnities.
27. Not because I'm proud . In fact , in front of you I cede all my pride.
28. Down anorak on allocation a gray administration is the cede of the fashionable dress jeans is actual receivable bout well.
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