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Cartilage in a sentence

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Sentence count:300Posted:2017-02-15Updated:2017-02-15
Similar words: mutilateventilatemutilatedvillagepillagefertileventilationspillageMeaning: ['kɑːtɪlɪdʒ]  n. tough elastic tissue; mostly converted to bone in adults. 
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1. I've damaged a cartilage in my knee.
2. He has a torn cartilage in his knee.
3. I've damaged the cartilage in my knee.
4. He left by stretcher with cartilage damage.
5. Cartilage does not preserve as fossil as a rule, so most of the evidence of the shark-like fish rests upon teeth.
6. Pull meat off ducks and remove any skin, cartilage, or bone.
7. He's torn a cartilage.
8. Pulsing flesh, exposed cartilage and bone fastened to mattresses shoved against hospital walls.
9. But Bakker in reply says cartilage is in fact better for absorbing shocks and for building up hydrostatic pressure.
10. That showed a slight cyst on the cartilage(, which was nowhere near as serious as first thought.
11. There were also floating bits of cartilage running round the knee.
12. MRI can delineate normal meniscus and articular cartilage.
13. The repair tissue be confirmed to be hyaline cartilage.
14. Excision of semilunar cartilage of knee joint.
15. Articular cartilage also can be cryopreserved in this manner.
16. Peter Nicholas will be out of the Chelsea team for a month after a cartilage operation yesterday.
17. It has somewhat toughened and dark flesh, coarse skin, and a somewhat hardened breastbone cartilage. 6.
18. The force of the impact between rope and throat was such that it ruptured ligament and cartilage in Putt's larynx.
19. Wearing the Lord of the Isles tartan, he used a crook to support the knee recently operated on for cartilage damage.
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20. Such buds containing re-aggregated cells do not develop normally but they can form jointed cartilage elements and sometimes very good-looking digit-like structures.
21. They are among the most primitive on bony fish, though their skeleton consists largely of cartilage.
22. With a small knife, cut through the wishbone and the white cartilage just below it.
23. The other rib and limb bones eventually hardened from their vestigial origins in the cartilage of fishes.
24. The diagnosis could worsen if specialists decide he needs surgery on knee ligament or cartilage damage.
25. Yet other neural crest cells migrate into the head region and form tissues of the head and face such as cartilage and bone.
26. Had it landed, the blow would have crushed the cartilage and killed him instantly.
27. Torn webbing between his right ring and middle fingers and a torn knee cartilage in 1992.
28. It has tender flesh; smooth-textured, soft, and pliable skin; and a somewhat flexible breastbone cartilage. 3.
29. The op - under general anaesthetic - was to remove a damaged cartilage in his left knee.
30. It has tender meat; soft, pliable, smooth-textured skin; and flexible breastbone cartilage. 3.
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