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Smother in a sentence

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Synonym: asphyxiatechokemufflestiflesuffocatesuppressSimilar words: mothersmoothmotheringsmooth outgrandmothersmooth downsmooth oversmokeMeaning: ['smʌðə(r)]  n. 1. a confused multitude of things 2. a stifling cloud of smoke. v. 1. envelop completely 2. deprive of oxygen and prevent from breathing 3. conceal or hide 4. form an impenetrable cover over 5. deprive of the oxygen necessary for combustion. 
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1, The girls tried to smother their giggles.
2, We used a wet towel to smother the fire.
3, He tried to smother the flames with a blanket.
4, They ruthlessly smother all opposition.
5, I just managed to smother a yawn.
6, He had to smother a giggle.
7, They threatened to smother the animals with plastic bags.
8, He tried to smother up the factors.
9, Smother the flames from the burning pan with a wet towel.
10, They tried to smother up the murder by pretending that her death was accidental.
11, I threw a blanket over the cooker to smother the flames.
12, Once the shrubs begin to smother the little plants, we have to move them.
13, Police officers also tried to smother the flames with their jackets as Mr Griffiths lay next to his car.
14, Alison says the poltergeist has tried to smother her boyfriend in their terraced house.
15, When it arrives, May and Atkins promptly smother theirs in ketchup.
16, She laughed and screamed until I had to smother her mouth with kisses.
17, We made it in a smother of white water close inshore towards Buckie.
18, She whipped these out to try and smother the blaze, her eyes smarting with the smoke.
19, Failing that, a wet towel can smother an accidental fire.
20, They clutter streets, smother blocks of flats and deface many homes.
21, I grabbed a blanket and tried to smother the flames.
22, The goalkeeper had to react quickly again to smother the dropped ball as Kevin Drinkell dashed in.
23, Don't put that cloth over the baby's face,( you'll smother him!
24, The girl's parents were also burned as they tried to smother the flames.
25, She summoned up all her pity for him, to smother her self-pity.
26, If you put too much coal on the fire at once you'll smother it.
27, A father was secretly filmed as he tried to smother his six-week-old son in hospital.
28, The debts of both Poland and Hungary are beginning to smother the reform process.
29, In the pew opposite Willie were two ginger-haired girls trying to smother their giggles.
30, A rich soil soon becomes home to rampant weeds which smother less competitive, more attractive plants.
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