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Indulgence in a sentence

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Synonym: crazinessfollyfooleryhumoringindulginglenienceleniencylunacypamperingself-indulgencetomfoolerySimilar words: indulgentindulgedivulgencefraudulencediligenceconvergenceintransigencebulgeMeaning: [ɪn'dʌldʒəns]  n. 1. an inability to resist the gratification of whims and desires 2. a disposition to yield to the wishes of someone 3. the act of indulging or gratifying a desire 4. foolish or senseless behavior 5. the remission by the pope of the temporal punishment in purgatory that is still due for sins even after absolution. 
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1. You will kill the child with indulgence.
2. Constant indulgence in bad habits brought about his ruin.
3. Her indulgence to her children was bad for them.
4. He attacked the indulgence shown to religious dissenters.
5. An occasional glass of wine was his only indulgence.
6. A cigar after dinner is my only indulgence.
7. The holiday was an extravagant indulgence.
8. Sweets are my only indulgence.
9. Chocolate is my only indulgence.
10. To me, chocolate connotes pleasure and indulgence.
11. Avoid excessive indulgence in sweets and canned drinks.
12. Indulgence in smoking can seriously harm your health.
13. He begged the audience's indulgence to read some passages from his latest book.
14. There is no limit to the indulgence he shows to his grandchildren.
15. The king's indulgence towards his sons angered the business community.
16. Swiss chocolate is my only indulgence.
17. Lunch by a side stream was blissful indulgence.
18. But a long story was an indulgence.
19. Rose made a front-of-curtain speech begging the audience's indulgence.
20. Wine is his only indulgence.
21. The Profitboss steers clear of such indulgence, for in the end everyone pays dearly for the privilege of the few.
22. But I begged his indulgence to share it with him just a little while longer.
23. But for the ultimate indulgence this winter, splash out on one of the new fake furs.
24. It is sheer indulgence, particularly for people who often protest about heavy workloads.
25. My inability to do needlework was treated with surprising indulgence by my teacher.
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26. At a couple of points that year, the project actually got axed, and Raskin had to beg more indulgence.
27. If he so mortally hated the father, living and dead, how can we trust his indulgence with the boy?
28. The ease with which we had climbed warranted the untold indulgence of biscuits with our afternoon tea.
29. But blending parody and nostalgia about an era a half-century removed from the lives of the core audience seems a foolish indulgence.
30. A punctilious attention to prayers and strict religious observance would win their indulgence.
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