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Falsetto in a sentence

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Sentence count:27+1 Only show simple sentencesPosted:2017-02-18Updated:2020-07-24
Similar words: FALSEfalsenesssocial servicesghettoget togethersetteesettlesettingMeaning: [fɔːl'setəʊ]  n. a male singing voice with artificially high tones in an upper register. adj. artificially high; above the normal voice range. 
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(1) The lead singer has a falsetto voice.
(2) He sang to himself in a soft falsetto.
(3) The first rifle fire came with a falsetto crack.
(4) Hat sang in falsetto as he carried the bag from the office.
(5) He gives me hell in querulous falsetto, and drops down to the dung-hill harem where his claws sink in ... Retrenchments.
(6) The falsetto laugh of a woman suddenly delighted, her voice filling the entire bay for an instant.
(7) Moreover, Morrissey's falsetto wail soars above and beyond the bad music criticism languishing in his lyrics.
(8) Thus he must have been singing falsetto in this role.
(9) The incongruous falsetto voice took on a musing note.
(10) He lowered the level of his incongruous falsetto voice.
(11) Singers of Beijing Opera usually sing falsetto.
(12) Instead of natural voice , the performers sing falsetto.
(13) Conclusion: FO of falsetto highest voice reduces , falsetto voice become thin in pathological voice.
(14) The integration of chest voice and falsetto presents the rough and straightforward characteristic of Tujia People[], in addition to projecting the spectacular style of singing in Zhangjiajie Yang Opera.
(15) For his role as a young boy, he had to speak in a high falsetto.
(16) After the meal she sang Teochew opera pieces in a booming falsetto.
(17) She commenced an impersonation of Hodges, piping inaudible words in effete falsetto, rolling her eyes like a stage Othello.
(18) The concluding song, Murder in the Market, brings a hilarious stanza sung falsetto when the murderess gives her defiant answer.
(19) Like a bomb the show exploded, the funnies, the falsetto, Timothy himself.
(20) His sister Mary helped him with the costumes, but he furnished the rich falsetto, routinely deceiving even his friends.
(21) In a single song, he can employ sudden bursts of falsetto or a teasing growl.
(22) There are two tone qualities in the human being, that is chest voice and falsetto.
(23) Method: Testing F O of lowest true voice, comfortable voice, highest true voice and falsetto voice.
(24) For example, in one movie a woman sings with a very high falsetto voice.
(25) Set an objectively scientific foundation for name, diagnosis, therapy and assessment of mutational falsetto.
(26) However, it should be pay attention to the three main vocal technique: the breath, changing back and forth between the normal chest voice and a falsetto , and pronounce words correctly.
(27) In addition, oral pressure increased when the voice transferred from chest voice to falsetto, may be due to the increase in the tension and vibratory frequency of the vocal folds in falsetto.
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