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Recompense in a sentence

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Synonym: compensatepayrewardSimilar words: compensatecompensate forcompensationexpensecompendiumopen secretcompendiousat the expense ofMeaning: ['rekəmpens]  n. 1. payment or reward (as for service rendered) 2. the act of compensating for service or loss or injury. v. 1. make amends for; pay compensation for 2. make payment to; compensate. 
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1. All struggles should have their recompense.
2. She received a gift as recompense.
3. He demands no financial recompense for his troubles.
4. I received £500 from the local council in recompense for the damage to my garden.
5. He didn't try to recompense for our loss.
6. The firm will recompense you for your traveling expenses.
7. Substantial damages were paid in recompense.
8. I received $1 000 in recompense for loss of earnings.
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9. He was given £1 000 in recompense for his loss.
10. The fees offered by the NHS do not recompense dental surgeons for their professional time.
11. There must be adequate recompense for workers who lose their jobs.
12. No amount of financial recompense can excuse the way in which the company carried out its policy.
13. They received £1000 in recompense.
14. Social justice has to recompense genetic injustice.
15. King Gotrek demanded recompense from the Elves.
16. Explanation can be given, recompense can be paid.
17. In recompense Anthemius created Sidonius prefect of the city of Rome.
18. He receives no recompense for this work, however, and his debts are growing.
19. The guidelines say what is fair recompense for church musicians.
20. Apart from anything else, she wanted to recompense him in some way, although she doubted he would accept a reward.
21. The reason for the lawsuit is to recompense the victims for their injuries.
22. They are designed to ensure that authors receive recompense for the free provision of their books to the public by libraries.
23. The recompense is meagre, but when combined with ideological enthusiasm it helps sustain a new type of local politician.
24. The court awarded the women $100 000 each to recompense them for nine years of lost wages.
25. This permission will not unreasonably be withheld and we will not have any claim on any recompense you may negotiate for yourself.
26. The painting was agreed to by Luce inpart to recompense for what she saw as her misjudgment of her dead friend.
27. Even if the defect was unknown to the seller he had to recompense the buyer.
28. The isolation seemed complete, in the haste he had forgotten his companion and in recompense he called out his name.
29. Finally, the fragment from Pindar indicates that Persephone accepts recompense or payment of penalty from some souls.
30. It would be just like her to expect some recompense for whoever caused the crash.
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