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Account in a sentence

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Synonym: descriptioninformationlistreasonrecordstatementstorysumtaleSimilar words: account foraccountingon account ofaccountabilitytake into accountcountycountrycount outMeaning: [ə'kaʊnt]  n. 1. a formal contractual relationship established to provide for regular banking or brokerage or business services 2. the act of informing by verbal report 3. a record or narrative description of past events 4. a short account of the news 5. a statement of recent transactions and the resulting balance 6. a statement that makes something comprehensible by describing the relevant structure or operation or circumstances etc. 7. an itemized statement of money owed for goods shipped or services rendered 8. grounds 9. importance or value 10. the quality of taking advantage. v. 1. be the sole or primary factor in the existence, acquisition, supply, or disposal of something 2. keep an account of 3. to give an account or representation of in words 4. furnish a justifying analysis or explanation. 
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1. Happiness takes no account of time. 
2. He gave a very vivid and often shocking account/description of his time in prison.
3. They had $96,000 in their escrow account.
4. An eyewitness account described the plane as a "fireball".
5. How do you account for the fact that unemployment is still rising?
6. I don't have a bank account.
7. Jack could not account for his foolish mistake.
8. The store debited his account for the purchase.
9. My bank account is in the red.
10. The book gives an admirably succinct account of the technology and its history.
11. She gave an accurate account of the case.
12. I was called to account for my conduct by the headmistress.
13. He prefaced the diaries with a short account of how they were discovered.
14. His current account was seriously overdrawn.
15. Computers account for 5% of the country'scommercial electricity consumption.
16. I paid the cheque into my savings account.
17. How can I transfer money from my bank account to his?
18. Switch to an interest-paying current account and stay in credit. Most banks and larger building societies now offer these accounts.
19. We invested the money in a high-interest bank account.
20. On his account we miss the bus.
21. He was too shocked to give an account of what had happened.
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22. Don't forget to charge the money to my account.
23. The freight is not included in the account.
24. The account he gives of his childhood is quite fictitious.
25. He that gains well and spends well needs no account book. 
26. You can bank by phone in the USA, punching in account numbers on the phone.
27. The boss flipped out when he heard you lost the account.
28. The essence of consultation is to listen to, and take account of, the views of those consulted.
29. The sum of money has been transferred into my account.
30. He put Elizabeth's motel bill and airfare on his expense account.
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