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Subsidize in a sentence

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Sentence count:56Posted:2017-01-30Updated:2020-07-24
Synonym: subsidiseSimilar words: subsidizedsubsidesubsidysubsistsubsistenceaggrandizejeopardizeside by sideMeaning: ['sʌbsɪdaɪz]  v. 1. support through subsidies 2. secure the assistance of by granting a subsidy, as of nations or military forces. 
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(1) She's not prepared to subsidize his gambling any longer.
(2) £50 would help to subsidize the training of an unemployed teenager.
(3) If you don't subsidize ballet and opera, seat prices will have to go up to pay for it.
(4) Many companies subsidize meals for their workers.
(5) Or does the government subsidize the increased costs?
(6) The county could subsidize the longer hauls from North County through a discount on tip fees.
(7) Oil revenue has allowed the government to subsidize housing, gasoline and cars.
(8) Average working people subsidize the affluent to play golf and tennis or moor their boats.
(9) They even subsidize rural fire districts through property tax payments.
(10) Various exemptions and exclusions subsidize sugar growers or bee keepers.
(11) The implicit contract: quietly subsidize her holiday.
(12) The government has refused to subsidize the car industry.
(13) The government should subsidize struggling museums, theaters, and artists.
(14) The government has agreed to subsidize the hotel industry.
(15) Nationally, unequal terms of trade between the agricultural and industrial sectors serve to subsidize manufacturing.
(16) The government levies a capital tax with the proceeds being used to subsidize wages, so that and.
(17) Yet it is equally ludicrous for a city to ask its taxpayers to subsidize a private good such as golf.
(18) That leads to the social absurdity of the poorer members of society paying taxes to subsidize the richer.
(19) Taxation as a Distortion Suppose the government wishes to subsidize the poor.
(20) The market could grow much bigger if countries further subsidize wind power to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
(21) The only way to steer reclamation away from utter financial disaster in the Missouri Basin was to subsidize it with hydropower revenues.
(22) Like the brick she was(Sentence dictionary), Trish had kindly offered to subsidize my share of the rent until I found another job.
(23) We therefore condemn the use of public funds to subsidize obscenity and blasphemy masquerading as art.
(24) It was Augustine who got the Clinton administration to use taxpayer money to subsidize a series of defense industry mergers.
(25) To take them off groundwater may well mean we have to subsidize them some more.
(26) These arguments suggest that it may be possible to provide a rationale for an industrial policy to subsidize sunrise industries.
(27) This raises an open question: What will these tax subsidies actually subsidize?
(28) It regards the private sector as the source of wealth creation, part of which is used to subsidize the public sector.
(29) Why ask the taxpayers of Halifax or Saint John to subsidize a tourist attraction a thousand miles away?
(30) If the government wishes to raise tax revenue in order to subsidize the poor, it should levy a tax on films.
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