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Decentralizing in a sentence

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Sentence count:43Posted:2018-11-07Updated:2018-11-07
Similar words: decentralizedecentralizeddecentralizationdecentralisedecentralization of authoritydecentraliseddecentralisationneutralizingMeaning: [‚diː'sentrəlaɪz] adj. tending away from a central point. 
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1 If we decentralize, the provinces will have more autonomy.
2 We decentralized our operations last year and opened several regional offices.
3 The city government is looking for ways to decentralize.
4 Modern technology has made it easy for us to decentralize.
5 Many European governments were decentralized after the war.
6 Many firms are decentralizing their operations.
7 State superintendence of fisheries shall operate under the principle of unified leadership and decentralized administration.
8 The resistance is buttressed by dim understanding of how a decentralized approach can improve matters.
9 In many cases the headquarters were retained in the central region and only the production processes were decentralized.
10 And within this relationship local authorities were seen as decentralized administrative agents, acting at the behest of the centre.
11 A distributed, decentralized network is more a process than a thing.
12 Which functional resources to centralize or decentralize 3.
13 The result has been some unbundling, loosening and decentralizing of control in some societies and in some organizations on some tasks.
14 That has led them to the adoption of a decentralized, team-based, quality-oriented system.
15 The means of power and decision-making in the decentralized authority are made freely available to non-state agencies and other organized interest groups.
16 New technology allows companies to decentralize,[] contract out and break up large factories which have unionized workforces.
17 He has been Navajo president for one year, and his efforts to decentralize tribal government so far have fallen flat.
18 Later, the delivery sys-tem was decentralized further, when the task of resupplying pills was turned over to village health volunteers.
19 President Ernesto Zedillo has decentralized its structure: two-thirds of its funds are now controlled by local governments.
20 Investment in infrastructure will be much more decentralized.
21 Fourth, decentralized institutions generate higher morale, more commitment, and greater productivity.
22 It has the functions of collecting and decentralizing of products, making a price, spreading the information, and offering services.
23 Social groups which lack the civic skills to represent their own interests are particularly vulnerable to neglect by decentralizing agencies.
24 The conclusion is that leading enterprises should adopt relative diversification strategy, seeking for new profit increasing points while decentralizing operative risk.
25 The authors are working with security and disaster management officials to help put some of their recommendations -- such as decentralizing forces and forming alliances -- into practice.
26 We'll coordinate as a network, sharing information and control, decentralizing functions between us.
27 The Indian Government’s intention to recruit village-based volunteers as part of a health sector reform aimed at decentralizing administration could help increase timely immunization.
28 The rapid change of the environment requires that the organization should perform a decentralizing structure, which is more flexible and lays stress on cooperation of equal rank.
29 The Bank is moving to capitalize on Indonesia's current program of decentralizing power to the country's more than 400 local governments.
30 The Virginia jurisdiction has had remarkable success educating both rich and poor students by decentralizing the education of students with disabilities and letting schools choose demanding programs.
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