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Tantalizing in a sentence

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Similar words: tantalizeappetizingpatronizingunappetizinginstantaneousrevitalizecapitalizecrystalizedMeaning: ['tæntəlaɪzɪŋ] adj. 1. arousing desire or expectation for something unattainable or mockingly out of reach 2. very pleasantly inviting. random good picture
1) The tantalizing aroma of fresh coffee wafted towards them.
2) This was my first tantalizing glimpse of the islands.
3) I caught a tantalizing glimpse of the sparkling blue sea through the trees.
4) It was the most tantalizing smell.
5) This brief,( tantalizing glimpse into his past life served only to deepen the mystery of his background.
6) But solar power remained a tantalizing lure to both environmentalists and entrepreneurs.
7) Elizabeth played one of her characteristically tantalizing games, and kept him waiting until the very moment of her death.
8) Herbert's notes give only tantalizing hints of what happened to the other Jacobson children.
9) There are tantalizing hints in the archaeological record that the Minoans may have written longer, non-bureaucratic texts on parchment.
10) The book gives us a tantalizing overview, taking advantage of subject matter at its most sensual.
11) The sight is most tantalizing.
12) The tantalizing smell of barbecue was in the air.
13) Getty Center reveals itself in tantalizing glimpses.
14) Harvard summer school would have been a tantalizing experience for her.
15) For me, though, there were a few tantalizing hints that women could be powerful, nontraditional, even adventurous.
16) And animal skull fossils sometimes yield tantalizing evidence of transitional metabolic natures.
17) Tantalizing, ill-defined phantoms moved across its surface and in its depths.
18) She saw tantalizing gatherings round the bold rectangle of the dining table.
19) And new 19 - inch units offer such tantalizing features as sharper and more colorful displays.
20) This tantalizing false-color skyscape spans about 20 light-years across the nebula's bright central region.
21) It was tantalizing never to be exposed long enough to hear the end.
22) His tantalizing charisma has wooed many gorgeous women and deceived many deadly adversaries.
23) A few tantalizing sips was all I had ever had, and certainly never my own bottle.
24) Yet appearances on other people's record dates provide a tantalizing glimpse of what he had to offer.
25) She knew she would not be able to sleep with so much tantalizing information spinning in her mind.
26) Through the fifteenth-century wooden door there is little to detain the visitor, just a few tantalizing traces of eleventh-century frescoes.
27) However, the profit potential of an untapped consumer market is tantalizing scores of corporations.
28) The finished book will include facsimiles of every card, on perforated paper, so that readers can reshuffle them. It's a perfectly Nabokovian concoction, a tantalizing puzzler from the beyond.
29) This special Thai finger food can only be described as taste bud - tantalizing.
30) Explanation: Cosmic dust clouds and embedded newborn stars glow at infrared wavelengths in this tantalizing false-color view from the Spitzer Space Telescope.
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